Get Rid Of Junk And Open Up More Space With These Simple Steps

You can free up more space when you get rid of the junk all around your house. To start can provide a bit of challenge, but it becomes easy once you get the hang of it. And you’ll have enough space in your house to be creative with.

You can opt to do it in one sitting, but chances are you probably won’t get it all done, and that’s why you need a plan. Below, you can find a few simple steps to use when you want to open up more space by clearing junk. 

Add A Shelf To Cluttered Spaces

The first step you want to use is to add an extra shelf to the already cluttered spaces. You don’t have to get rid of everything; at times, you only need extra space. In the kitchen especially, where you are unlikely to get junk, you can add a different shelf. 

You won’t only have extra space for other things, and you will also have a tidy room. You don’t have to keep things behind others with a different shelf, and you’ll have space. That means you can quickly locate anything you want to use at any time. 

Create A Solution for Similar Things

When you have similar items, it can become hard to know where to store others. This is what can create junk in your space. After that, you’ll have enough of the same things that you don’t use. 

When you have a clear, thought-out plan, you’ll have enough space to move around. For example, you can keep other supplies in a different room and only bring them when in need. With this idea, you create more space, and you can also save a bit. 

Add Drawers to Deep Shelves

With deep drawers, you have an idea like a black hole, and that’s too much space to go unused. Think of it this way, and your arm can’t even reach the back of the deep shelf; isn’t that enough space?

When you add drawers here and apply them to all rooms, you will have enough space for clearing junk. They can help you realize what you haven’t used in a long while, and you can do away with it. Reclaim all your kitchen and laundry room deep shelves today to create more space. 

Invest in Sitting Storage

You can also opt to invest more in storage sitting if you see no other spaces. They are pretty efficient as you don’t only have sitting furniture, but they also act as storage. With sitting storage, you won’t have to move things around the house. 

For all those things that may make your house look cluttered, like books and hard copy bills, you can store them. They can also provide fine storage for some of the décor you haven’t used for a long while.

Talk to Experts

Some people specialize in creating more room in people’s houses. Since you have no idea where to start, you can use their services. However, first, you can talk to the experts at to learn more about using your space more effectively. The good thing about experts is that they can quickly locate the space you may have never even thought of before. Don’t expect them to come and add shelves all around the room. Instead, creative ideas will flow when you consult them. 

Clean the Space

One of the fastest ways you can use to get rid of junk is cleaning. Here’s a step by step on how you can easily do it


You need to have a clear plan on how to do it before you get down to it. Then, make the plan and adhere to it religiously. 

Gather Supplies

Backing down is likely when you don’t have all the supplies at hand. So, gather all of them before you get started. 

Start Decluttering

Start the decluttering process from where you are and get rid of the broken items. You can also get rid of the old and no -longer in-use items there. Stop lying to yourself that you will fix them; get rid of them. 

Be Ruthless

You need to be ruthless when clearing up the room and forget the emotional attachment you may have with the items. 

Organize what’s left

Once you’re done with the whole process, you now need to organize what’s left behind, so they don’t turn to junk too. 

Getting rid of junk isn’t an easy task and is one that may take up much of your time. But when you need to create room in your space, it is a necessity. Here’s how you can easily do it in simple, laid-out steps. 

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