How To Make Your Deck Look New And Squeaky Clean

One of the best places you can go to relax after a long day of work is on the deck. This is the same place you can use as a family bonding area when all your family is at home. And when it looks old and rusty, it may not be a place you want to spend time in. 

This is where you need to find the right ways to make the deck look new and squeaky clean. It may not be an arduous task as you think, as you can get the job done with simple steps. Here’s how to do it and bring back the glory of your deck. 


The first step you want to make is to sweep the deck as it may have picked up dust. You also sweep because you want to find out where the broken-down places are. When you have a wooden deck changing weather conditions will weaken the deck over time.

When you sweep it or perform just general cleaning once in a while, you can return the deck to its new self. You can then apply fresh sealer after sweeping the dirt and leaves off. The sealer will preserve the beauty of the deck and increase longevity.  

Wash Debris Away

Other than dirt, debris is the other thing that can make your deck look wrinkled and old. You’ll need to wash it away if it ever looks new. You can easily clean your deck with a hosepipe and brush. 

It would be best if you had a controllable hose so that you can have enough pressure to wash away debris sticking to the deck. The first water flow will wash away the top, and what’s left behind can be scrubbed off using the brush.

Paint the Deck

When you paint the deck, it will have a new appeal. There’s nothing to make the deck look new like fresh paint. It would be best if you got  paint for your deck that almost matches the one that was there before. Please don’t change the whole appeal when you repaint it. 

If you’re changing the house’s color theme, you can also change the color you use to paint the deck. When you paint the deck afresh, you also preserve the wood under the paint coating from getting destroyed by weather. 

Seal the Deck

If you want your deck to look new, you also need to seal it. This can be done once every two to three years to help protect the deck from severe damage. When you have sealed the deck with sealant, you keep away mold and water penetration

Sealants are pretty standard in convenient stores and come in a wide array of finishes. You’re unlikely to miss one that suits your specific style of deck.  You can use a clear sealer on top of the paint you had applied before. It will give it a shiny, intelligent, and new look. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Deck Cleaning

There are several questions on decks that you may still need answers to, and they are:

  • The difference between sealers and stains is clear, while stains are semi-transparent and cover almost like paint.
  • Are sealers harmful to plants?

Some of the deck sealer products can be harmful to plants. You should cover the plants or move them if they are mobile

  • How long does it take to seal my deck?

It will take you approximately two days for the whole wash and seal process. It would help if you carved out time for the task. 

  • How do I seal my wood deck?

There are several tools you can use to seal a wooden deck. They are roller, sprayer, and paintbrush. You need to, however, check out the user manual before using it. Some rollers may require brush follow-up when it comes to sealers. 

  • How often should I seal?

Your deck needs to be done at least once every three years. You can also opt to apply a seal once every year, and it will only go further in enhancing the look. 

  • Should I seal pressure-treated wood decks?

These types of wood are generally rot-resistant, so they don’t need sealers. You can use sealers for this wood to keep it looking fresh and also to maintain the colour. 

The deck is generally the first place people see when they come to your house. It is only natural that you’d want it to have that new look and be squeaky clean. Here are a few ways to preserve the deck and make it look pristine all year round. 

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