7 Tips for Cleaning Your Rental Home

When you have a rental home, it can be quite hard to maintain cleanliness. While it’s hard, it’s also very important. Because you don’t want your future tenants to run away because your home is dirty, that’s why to help you out; I bring 7 tips for cleaning your rental home.

You can either involve your current tenants, or you can hire a caretaker for the following purposes. Otherwise, you will have to do it yourself. Here are the things you should be doing to keep your rental home clean-

  1. Following a cleaning schedule 

You have to create a cleaning schedule and follow it. Make sure to have some cleaning activities like sweeping and washing floors on the daily cleaning side; for the other stuff like cleaning the toilet, cleaning the windows, washing the fabric items, you can do that weekly.

  1. Cleaning the carpet 

What will make your tenant instantly run away is a dirty carpet. You don’t want to keep your carpet dirty for a long time. So, make sure to vacuum clean your carpet twice a week. A clean carpet adds an inviting appeal to your home all the time.

  1. Make the walls shine.

For a rental home, it’s very important to have clean walls. Many times, the previous tenants tend to leave marks and dirt on the walls that look hideous. You don’t want your future tenants to face something like that. Try to keep the walls clean if you can, and if it’s necessary, then throw in some new paint on the walls as well.

  1. Disinfect your home 

The last thing you want your future tenants to see in your home is bugs, rats, and insects. That’s the worst first impression they can have of your home. So, you have to disinfect your home from any kinds of bugs or germs. It’s very important to follow this step. Also, click here to know more about DIY cleaning hacks.

  1. Cleaning the outside area 

Never forget the outside area of the house for a rental home. Once the new tenants come, they will notice how the outside area looks like. So, make sure the backyard or the area near the front door is properly cleaned.

  1. A clean kitchen means a clean house.

You have to put the most emphasis on your kitchen area. A clean kitchen can have a lot of impact on your tenant’s mind about cleanliness. So, make sure the kitchen area and all the appliances there are clean.

  1. Regular inspection 

As a rental homeowner, you have to keep in check with your home. Go on regular inspection in your home to see the cleanliness. This way, you can keep your house the cleanest for your potential tenants.


In short, you don’t need to do too much to keep your rental home clean. It’s just a few easy steps and actions that you have to take for better chances. A clean house will always be a fan favorite for most of the tenants out there. If keeping your house clean is that easy then, I don’t see why you shouldn’t do it, right?

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