The Most Common Small Home Space Problems (+ Solutions)

Small Space Design Tips: So Many Options, So Little Space

Hey, living in a small apartment is tough. We all know how challenging trying to find an efficient way to use small spaces can be. That’s why you need to get creative. With such limited real estate, every square inch has to bring something valuable to the table. However, small-space living doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. This list of small space design ideas will help you get the most out of your home while still maintaining a stylish, functional look. see more at:

Pick Furniture That Maximizes Space

When it comes to your home and buying furniture, size matters. According to a study from Pier 1, 86% of Americans find their home’s furnishings too bulky. As a result, choosing furniture that makes the most out of every square inch is a key to increasing your space. So furnish smaller homes with smaller items — such as desk chairs and end tables — to keep them from looking or feeling empty.

Think About Scale When Furnishing Your Home

Always think of scale. You should make sure your furniture fits your room. First, measure your space and compare it to the dimensions of the piece you’re looking to purchase. Then, compare the measurements to the product’s size — if there is a difference, try to find pieces that allow you to scale down when necessary.

Install Floating Bathroom Shelves

Human beings can sometimes clutter small bathrooms with all the necessities of life — from toothbrushes to sewing kits and towels. With a floating shelf for the bathroom that includes a towel rack, you can make a space for all your necessities. The shelf can be built-in or freestanding, making it suitable for any decor.

Get More out of Your Home With Reflective Materials

You should use reflective surfaces in your home design. It’s a simple way to make the most of small, poorly lit spaces. Spacious interiors with large windows, for instance, can benefit greatly from the use of mirrors and high-gloss lacquered surfaces.

Upgrade Your Small Living Room by Mounting Your TV to the Wall

Flip the script on a traditional living room design and mount your TV. By doing so, you’ll achieve two things: you’ll eliminate the need for a massive media console to hold your television, DVDs, music CDs, and video games (all of which are quickly going obsolete). You’ll also open up floor space that we both know you can use more of.

Convert Your Closet Into a Compact Laundry Room

The easiest way to gain more space in the home is to turn unused areas into functional ones. A compact laundry room is ideal for small homes and apartments with small spaces. This type of laundry solution takes up very little space, freeing up the rest of the house for other activities. It’s also a great option for people who live alone or are on a tight budget compared to traditional laundry rooms.

Install a Wall Desk

One of the big challenges of redecorating tight spaces is finding a free corner to put in your home office. With a Pier 1 wall desk, you’ll get the best of both worlds: the convenience of a portable office that you can mount on the wall and enough room for anything else you’ll ever need. So don’t settle for subpar when building your new workstation.

Furniture That Serves Multiple Purposes Is Ideal for Any Space

Those who live in tiny homes or apartments should be on the lookout for multi-functional pieces. Try to find furniture that can serve multiple purposes — for example, a coffee table that doubles as an extra seat, a closet that turns into a guest bed, or a laptop desk that transforms into a dining table when needed.

Pier 1 Takes Care of the Space Between Spaces

Space is everything. Whether a space is big or small, redecorating can be downright daunting, especially when you’re working with a limited design vocabulary. With Pier 1’s stylish home decor, you can create a sense of depth and expand your home beyond expectations. Find everything you need to make the most of your space.