DIY Decluttering: 10 Essential Decluttering Tips for Your Home

 According to the 2019 National Cleaning Survey, 33% of homeowners think they don’t clean often enough. 1 in 4 homeowners also thinks they don’t clean their home properly. 

If you’re one of the homeowners that think you don’t clean as often as you should, consider starting with decluttering. This guide offers great decluttering tips to help you out. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. Create a Checklist 

If you want to declutter your home you have to start with a checklist. Having an organized process is the only way you’ll clean up your home promptly. 

Make a list of every section in your home that needs some organizing. This will give you a clear image of how to start. You can also make a list of items that you know you might have a few too many of so when the time comes, it’s easier to get rid of them. 

2. Start Slowly 

When you have a lot of clutter it can feel overwhelming to see all the work you have ahead of you. This is why it’s important to start the process in the way that works best for you. 

You can start with organizing for 10 minutes at a time. If you have a busy schedule and can only organize for a few minutes each day, it’s better than not organizing at all. 

You can organize as much as you can during the weekends. You can also focus on one room at a time to make the process easier. 

3. Use Hooks Where You Can 

To declutter your home you need to find creative ways to store your belongings without things looking messy. One thing that can help you contain the mess is using hooks. 

Instead of throwing your jacket over a chair when you get home, you can hang it on a hook by your front door. Hooks placed by your front door can also hold your purse and your dog’s leash.

You can use these to hold your car keys as well or have a bowl on the dining room table for your keys. 

4. Clear Off Table Tops 

One of the most important parts of decluttering is making sure all the tables and counters in your home are clear of unnecessary items. You can start by putting all the items on your tables on the floor, you’ll see a difference right away. 

Only put necessary items back on the counters and find new homes for the rest. You can place items you don’t use often in bins or drawers. Make sure to organize them by category. 

5. Make Separate Piles

When decluttering your home it’s important to take everything out and put it into separate piles. This can prove especially useful when you’re organizing room by room. 

Once you have all items off the shelves or out of drawers you’ll be able to see what you need and what you’re just hoarding. Make three piles, one for donations, another for trash, and one with items you’ll keep. 

This way you’re only organizing and reshelving items you use and not wasting time trying to find space for what you don’t. 

6. Get a Dumpster Rental 

Another decluttering tip that can help you move through the process quickly is getting a dumpster rental. You can rent a dumpster in many different sizes and have it delivered right to your home. 

So whether your decluttering project is small or incorporates sorting through items in multiple rooms and garages, you can find the right dumpster for the job. This will make it easy to get rid of unwanted items instead of having to keep them stored until garbage day.  

7. Use Storage Furniture

When it comes to house organizing the best tip you can follow is to utilize every space you can. Even if you have a small home and lots of stuff, there are ways to keep things organized and stored neatly.

Storing bulky items like winter clothes under your bed is a great use of space. Put the clothes in storage bags to keep them clean until you need to use them again.

Furniture designed specifically to double as storage is a lifesaver as well. Storage benches work as decor and can be a place to store extra blankets or towels. 

8. Ask for Help 

If decluttering your home feels too overwhelming to do on your own, it’s ok to ask for help. Get other members of the household to each take on a room. They can start with their own bedrooms and then you can all work together on decluttering shared spaces. 

9. Focus on Your Pantry 

Your pantry deserves some reorganizing time because it can be one of the most cluttered areas of a home. Start by taking everything off the shelves and wiping away any dust. 

You should then check the dates on all the cans. Throw away anything that’s expired.

Make a separate pile of cans that aren’t expired but ones you know your family won’t eat. You can donate these to your local food bank. 

Reorganize your pantry by placing items with a closer expiration date by the front. Organize similar items together as well. 

10. Clean up Your Bedroom Every Morning 

If you don’t want your home to look and feel cluttered it’s important to take the time to organize a little each day. One area that needs daily cleaning is your bedroom. 

Make sure to clear your nightstand of water cups when you wake up. Put dirty clothes in your hamper and fold laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

Make your bed as soon as you get up as well.  

Follow These Decluttering Tips for an Organized Home 

If you want a cleaner and more organized home, follow the decluttering tips in the guide above. Creating a checklist will make the process easier and getting a dumpster rental can help too.

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