5 Dos and Don’ts of Recruiting Sales Professionals

Recruiting salespeople is an art form, and the process starts with matching a highly qualified individual to the open position. I believe that selling people on jobs they’ll be happy in comes down to telling them what will make their workdays better instead of trying too hard to convince them about your company’s benefits.

For some people, recruitment is a very challenging and rewarding endeavor. For recruiters who have found success in the industry, it’s not just about finding someone to fill an available position; they are providing candidates with opportunities that provide them both financial security and social contribution.

Do be enthusiastic 

As a recruiter, it’s important to stay optimistic and upbeat about the job. You’re speaking with candidates who want their next opportunity for success, so your enthusiasm will capture them as they listen attentively.

Stay Honest

As a recruiter, focusing on the facts is not enough. You have to tell them what they want and need to know about the job opportunity: how much it pays, whether or not you are hiring for management positions with prior experience required; as well as any cons of working at your company.

Control the Conversation

The recruiter has the privilege of interviewing a wide range of candidates and is responsible for conducting an interview that will allow them to qualify these individuals. The best way to do this, according to interviewer Steven Thomas, is by guiding the conversation with questions that are tailored specifically towards your company’s needs as well as engaging in non-threatening small talk about current affairs or hobbies.

Stay Positive

As the sales recruiter, you are expected to maintain a positive attitude at all times. It’s not just your job to offer patience and understanding but also be someone who is always ready for anything with kindness.

The recruiter’s job is to help maintain a balance between the employer and candidate. They work with both parties in order for them to be successful, communicating any concerns that arise effectively while also having fun on the way.

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