How To Plan A Major Bathroom Renovation

Are you finally renovating your bathroom once and for all? That’s a great step to take, especially if you’ve been observing some damages, leaks, outdated hardware and fixtures, chipped tiles, and lack of space and room to move around. A major bathroom remodel is an exciting journey, but it comes with the feeling of being overwhelmed due to many tasks to do.

Stay calm and follow through with this article as some planning tips will be shared. It’s crucial to plan and set goals to turn out well for the entire bathroom improvement project. Everyone in your household is looking forward to having a luxurious and pampering bathroom, so get your plans started and apply the tips enclosed below.


Try to implement the following planning steps to ensure a smooth and organized major bathroom remodel:

1. Set A Budget 

If you haven’t yet worked out a budget for your bathroom renovation in Newmarket, you should consider it first and foremost. Making renovation decisions will be easier if you have a set money. This will enable you to see how far you can splurge on the bathroom improvements you’ve been aiming to have. You can categorize your expenses into labor and materials. When you know the labor fee estimate, you can start scanning for different materials and suppliers. Budgeting could be done easier with the help of some financial apps or worksheets. 

2. Forecast Your Timeline 

You’ll need more than a couple of days to remodel your bathroom, no matter its size. Don’t expect to get it all done over the weekend. Bathroom remodeling design projects have different levels of complexity, so the time it takes to finish it will also depend on these variables. If you forecast the timeline, it’ll allow you to organize the renovation tasks and work. There will be a proper sequence, and your contractors won’t have to jump from one area to another.

Moreover, when you’ve set a realistic timeline, you and your family can prepare and know how long you’ll need temporary adjustments in the house. During this time, you’ll need to use the toilet and take a shower somewhere else. Knowing the estimated duration of the remodel will allow you to find effective alternatives for the time being. 

3. Assess The Issues And Work To Be Done 

If you’re remodeling your bathroom inside out, ensure not to skip and forego any detail. It’s a major renovation, so you wouldn’t want to cut corners on some aspects. By having your bathroom remodeled by expert remodelers, you’ll have a bathroom that functions flawlessly and adds tremendous value to your house for many years to come. 

Hand drawing beautiful bathroom interior. Engineering concept. 3D Rendering

So, list down all the areas you want to be changed. Check all the plumbing connections and lines, and see if there are any leaks and damages. Thoroughly inspect all the tiles, walls, countertops, toilets, sinks, and basically all surfaces. When you spot all issues, you can resolve them easily and earlier.  

4. Prioritize Design And Functionality 

Choosing fixtures and appliances for your bathroom remodel is a challenging task because of too many selections available in the market today. Although the design is imperative for your bathroom, prioritize features and functions equally. You’re constantly faced with a winding list of choices for your faucets, showers, vanities, dresser, sink, furniture, and even decorations. 

You may end up focusing on design over functionality if you have a wide array of options at your disposal. To avoid this mistake, it’s essential to stick to your bathroom theme and design, but choose the fixtures that look great and function great. Find a stylish combination for your bathroom hardware. You could spare to pay a little more as long as they’re the right match for your bathroom vision. 

5. Invest In High-Quality Materials 

The most crucial aspect of your renovation is choosing the right materials. Don’t go for substandard models, and since it’s a major transformation, go for modern and updated ones. If you have a bigger budget, always choose to buy the more durable bathroom fixture and hardware. If you want to cut costs a little, you can scan some hardware stores and online suppliers and choose the ones that offer the lowest price.

6. Choose Trustworthy Contractors 

A highly skilled workforce is needed for tasks such as tile installation, plumbing, and electrical work for your bathroom. You might feel like some renovation tasks are elementary, but they require skills from professional remodelers. So, you might be tempted to do it yourself, but go for hiring professional contractors instead. They know what they’re doing, and they can finish the remodel with the timeline you’ve set. Using a professional contractor ensures quality work and will complete your project faster than you do it yourself. 


A major bathroom remodel isn’t an impossible project to partake in as long as you’ve planned ahead of time. When you set your budget, know what to work on, assess the timeline, and find quality contractors and materials, you’ll be able to attain your dream bathroom in no time. 

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