Inspirational Winter Deck Decoration Ideas To Accompany Awnings

An awning doesn’t just need to be used in summer to keep the sun off. In fact, a high-quality awning should be seen as an all-year-round addition to your home. That’s the beauty of awnings, they can be wound in and out as needed.

In fact, if you see a reputable specialist in awnings Sydney, you’ll find that many awnings don’t just keep the sun off, they can also be waterproof. That means, with the right outside heater you can enjoy the great outdoors most of the year, even if it’s a little wet outside.

Once you have an awning, you’ll find it is easy to decorate your deck in the winter and transform your home.


This is the obvious starting point. But, although obviously, it is an effective and valuable addition to the awning. If you want to create a little holiday spirit then opt for some twinkling lights. If you want them to help you see then you may be better off with some simple white lights.

They will need to be outside lighting and you’ll find LEDs are the best choice. They are bright and energy-efficient.

You can add lights to the leading edge of your awning, allowing them to be seen regardless of whether the awning is in or out. Or, you can leave the awning out and cover it in lights. Remember, lights above the awning are only for effect, below will make a nice space for you to enjoy.

You can even enjoy the lights from inside your home. 

Potted Plants

You probably already keep potted plants in your yard during the spring and summer months. Well, you should do the same during winter. There are plenty of hardy plants that enjoy being outside in the cooler and wetter weather. Choose your favourite ones and place them on your deck. If your awning is always out then place the pots to the left and right of the awning. 

Of course, you should take your time choosing the actual pots as well. They can be any colour and style you like.

Floral Displays

Another great way to brighten your awning covered area is with floral displays. You can choose between natural and artificial flowers. Artificial ones can be laid in the shape of a flat bouquet and pinned to the awning or the house wall below the awning. It creates a beautiful effect.


Don’t forget to spice up your outside seating with floral or colourful cushions. This will make the area feel brighter and more homely even on the dullest of days. You will need to consider whether the cushions can be safely left outside or not. But, when the weather is cold and calm they will look great.

Add A picture

Most awnings are plain and are often paler in colour to avoid attracting the sun’s rays. But, you can boost the appeal of your awning and associated area by adding a picture to the awning. The easiest way to do this is using an iron-on patch; the effect should be stunning.

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