Keeping Your Backyard Free from Clutter

If you are wondering why your backyard never looks fully clean and organized, look around at your belongings. Clutter can sneak upon us, and within an instant can turn a backyard into a mess. Instead of settling for what your backyard looks like, take action to create a clutter-free backyard by trying out these solutions.

Patio Storage Unit 

 A messy backyard can instantly be transformed using a patio storage unit. This unit is the easiest way to provide extra room in your backyard while also storing a variety of items around your yard. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, rakes, pool toys, and extra gardening tools are all great items to store safely in storage unit. These structures come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Whenever you need something from the storage unit, supplies are easy to reach and put back. 

Deck Box 

If you have outdoor furniture, you most likely also have a few throw blankets and pillows lying around. Rather than leaving these out to potentially be damaged by the weather and create a more cluttered look, purchase a deck box to place these items. Deck boxes help prevent clutter for your outdoor essentials and can be placed neatly in a corner. These boxes can also serve other purposes, such as toy holders, games, or other yard supplies.

Organize Your Garden 

A garden is a beautiful feature of a backyard, but it is also possible for them to get a little messy. To keep your garden looking visually appealing, throw away broken pots that serve no use. If you have a plant that is dead, toss it if there is no chance of revival. When it comes to gardening tools or bags of soil, find a designated spot for them in your deck box or storage unit. A beautiful garden can highlight your backyard and attract visitors instantly – why allow for a mess to take away from its beauty?

Throw Away Broken Equipment 

Broken equipment can tend to pile up over time. We consider holding onto the broken shovel, pot, or bike in hopes of potentially fixing it one day. However, it is easy to allow “one day” to turn into a few months and even a year. If an item is broken, consider throwing it away. This can instantly improve your space by creating a clean environment.

Donate Unused and Old Items

We all have those items that sit in our backyards for years out of the belief that they will one day come in handy, or we will use them again. Whether  it is an extra broom, unopened cans of paint, wood or bricks, or additional miscellaneous items – we all have something. Adopt the general rule, that if you have not used it for a year then toss it. You might have more items like this than you think. Going through your backyard items with this mindset can save you a ton of space.

Become Clutter-Free

Cleaning and organizing your backyard can be exhausting, but the effort is worth it. Creating a clutter-free backyard creates a more welcoming and enjoyable space for you and visitors. If you do not know where to start, begin by focusing on one area of your backyard and seeing what you can either throw away or donate.