Why employing the right roofer can save you money later

There are a few reasons you may be looking to install a new roof. It could be that you have extended your home or are building a completely new one. There could be issues with your existing roof or maybe the old one has come to the end of its life.

When choosing an installer for a roof you need to consider your options. Employing the wrong installer can lead to problems right from the start meaning more expense and headaches later on.

What problems could occur during a roof installation, and how can you avoid these pitfalls? 

How does a roof installation happen?

When you hire a professional roofer they will go through 4 stages normally.

  • Inspection

This will involve taking a detailed look at your existing roof. Checking for damage. Taking photographs and writing up a report. If your roof needs repairs it is at this point that they will take place. Many installers are happy to give you a free inspection with no obligation to go further.

  • Consultation and estimates

After the report, it will be time to sit with the installers and discuss what your requirements may be. You can choose from different types of materials & shingles and their costs. You will receive a quote on the price and the length of the work now too.

  • Installation

After you decide to go ahead the actual installation will commence. You should be kept up to date on progress and be able to ask any questions during this period.

  • Final Inspection

Once completed it is time for the installers to give a full inspection and quality check of the work carried out. Roofs and materials will come with different guarantees. For instance, there will be a manufacturer’s warranty for the tiles or shingles and a separate one for the labour.

What happens if the work is not carried out properly?

So, you understand the basic process for installing a roof but that is not the whole story. There are numerous companies in all industries that are not up to scratch. The roofing trade is no different. It is important to find a roofer who is certified, professional, and experienced. If not, then you can find some problems that will haunt you after.

The most common problem would be poor workmanship. If a contractor is not overseeing their employees properly then you will have problems. This might be from not using starter shingles and taking short cuts. Not nailing shingles properly, poor ventilation in the attic, or heavy footfall wearing away the asphalt granules and damaging shingles. 

Why are these areas important?

If there is not proper attic ventilation then your roof will not see out its intended lifespan. If there is not adequate ventilation then you could get rot, mould, or even see your roof warp. Improper nailing could lead to the lifting and even mean that the warranty is invalidated. The correct weather is vital too for a good installation. If it is too cold then the shingles cannot be nailed on with cracking. 

What are the consequences for you?

The main problem you may encounter with a poor installation is that the roof needs to be fixed or re-installed. Roofs should be lasting around 25 years and you will be guaranteed for a length of time in this region. However, improper installation is likely to lead to a manufacturer refusing to honour the warranty.

Roofs are expensive to install but that is nothing compared to what you will have to pay out later if the roof fails. For peace of mind and financial health, you want to have a roof correctly installed. 

How to find a professional roofer

Look to your friends, colleagues, and family first. There may be someone working in the building trade or one of them may have had roofing work done recently. A recommendation given personally is always worth considering.

Online reviews can help as can testimonies. Look for tradesmen who are local to you and check their website out. You may be able to get a feel for the company there. Look to see if they are certified in roofing or belong to a professional trade body.

Ask for a free initial inspection. There is nothing to stop you from asking more than one company to look at your roof and report on the condition. You may find differences in the quotes and advice given.


A properly installed roof will be with you for decades. Cutting corners on cost or workmanship can lead to shrinkage, expansion, poor finishing, and problems with guttering and metal flashing. Shrinkage and expansion refer to the shingles changing size during cold and hot weather. This leads to cracks and splits, which, in turn, lead to leaks.Once you have your new roof don’t forget to maintain it also. Prevention is better than cure and a simple twice a year inspection to keep an eye on the condition of your exterior, the shingles and guttering can avoid leaks, mould, and other problems.