4 Amazing Ideas for Creating an At-Home Nature Oasis

It’s no secret that being outside can help many calm their nerves. Once you find a quiet spot to relax in, it often feels easy to never want to leave.

But what if you could bring that feeling into your home? What if you could feel like that all the time?

With these decorating tips, it becomes possible. Read on to learn 4 of the best ideas for creating your at-home nature oasis.

1. Bring Plants Inside

Indoor plants are the easiest way to bring the outdoors into your nature-inspired home design. Not only do they help to purify the air in your home, but they add greenery that simply can’t be replicated.

If caring for plants isn’t your forte, you can opt for fake ones. They won’t purify the air in your home, but they’ll still make it feel like a green oasis.

2. Add an Aquarium

Have you ever stared at one of the huge aquariums often found in the waiting room at your doctor’s office? They’re placed there intentionally to help nervous patients settle down, and they work well.

Watching fish swim around aimlessly can make you want to do the same. Why not bring that feeling into your home? Check out these aquariums to do just that.

3. Decorate With Earthy Tones

Decorating with earthy tones like dark greens and browns, light beige or taupes, mustard yellows, and even some shades of blue can bring the outdoors inside.

Placing these colors around your home — especially in the living room or bedrooms — creates a grounding presence within your oasis. Placing loud colors in these areas can affect the overall mood of your home.

If you’re going for a calming space, these colors are the way to go.

4. Create Your Own Area

One of the biggest things about being in nature is the amount of calm it brings you. The biggest thing to focus on here is knowing your favorite elements in nature, and then working to bring them into your at-home design.

Pick a corner of your home to adorn with your favorite comforts. Whether it’s a bunch of blankets and a cozy chair or a hammock and some books, the possibilities are endless.

From there, identify your favorite things in nature. If it’s the night sky or moon, invest in a galaxy light to use while you lay in your hammock and read.

If it’s the ocean, then go online and find a quality ocean sound playlist that helps you find your zen when you sit down in your chair and cozy up in all those blankets.

Create New Memories in Your Nature Oasis

When it comes to building your own at-home nature oasis, the possibilities are endless — and so are the opportunities to create new memories! Whether they’re with yourself or those you live with, you’re sure to find the peace that the outdoors bring if you implement these elements into your home.

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