How to Successfully Sell Your Property: Everything You Need to Know

Selling a property can feel overwhelming at times. There are so many possible options for the route by which you sell, plus paperwork, negotiations, repairs, and presentation steps, not to mention the emotional rollercoaster of selling something that has been your home for a part of your life. The following will break down the crucial information and steps you need to know in order to successfully sell your property. 

What Does Successful Sale Mean to You?

Before you roll up your sleeves and dive into the murky waters of property sales, you need to figure out what a successful sale looks like for you. Do you need to get out as soon as possible, meaning a speedy sale is successful? Is there a particular sale price you need? Are you more concerned about the vibe of the next family to live on the property because you want to be sure it’s well-maintained?

Take a moment to identify what a good sale means to you. Keep in mind your ideal requirements for length of the sale, sale price, and buyers, and then figure out what your minimums are: the most extended period of time you’d be willing to have the house listed, the lowest price you’d accept, etc.

Choose How You’re Going to Sell

Depending on your breakdown of a successful sale, you might end up choosing a different sale route. The three most common options available are:

  • Selling the home yourself.
  • Hiring a real estate agent to list and sell the property. An Estate Agent in Cheam would have the expertise needed to get the job done.
  • Using a property buying company.

Selling the House Yourself

For those of us who want complete control over the listing and asking price and who don’t mind doing a little extra work to save some money, selling by the owner might be the right option. Listing a home yourself requires a bit more work than going with a real estate agent, but it is entirely doable if you have the right work ethic. Selling your own property allows you to save on at least the listing commission, which, depending on your home’s value, could end up costing quite a lot.

This option will probably require you to do the most research—you need to figure out what a reasonable price for your property is given the market and your home’s location. You also need to devise an asking price strategy and manage the listings and showings yourself. In some communities, properties for sale by owners are more common than in other neighborhoods.

A Home Buying Service

For those who need to sell a home as quickly as possible, this option might be preferable. Companies like exist that use your home’s address and a phone call with you to make a cash offer sight unseen for your property. Often the entire process can be done within two weeks.

This being said, because you don’t have the possibility of multiple buyers bidding over the property, there is the chance you’ll end up with a lower sale price than if you went the old-fashioned route. If you can’t make up your mind, there’s no harm in reaching out to one of these companies and hearing what their offer is.

Using a Real Estate Agent

Using an agent to list and help you sell your home is the most traditional route. This process will involve paying an agent a commission on your home’s sale to help manage the listing, advise you on a good listing price, listing time, and other factors to help you get the most money for your home. Often people who work with agents sell their homes for a higher price than those who don’t, but they do end up paying a percentage of the value to the agent. 

Agents are also connected to a big network of people buying and selling, so they might be able to link you to someone who’s looking for exactly what you’re offering. More than this, agents understand the sales tactics and small tweaks that can be made to your home that increase value or sale time. They will also be able to give you information about what other properties in the area are going for so you can make an educated decision.

The above information should help you get your home sale in order. Depending on the method you choose, you’ll have more or less freedom in the sale, speedier or slower sales, and a higher or lower sale price. Take the time to review each option and compare it to your definition of a successful sale.

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