Why Hire Move-in Cleaners in Singapore?

Sometimes, moving into a new house can be thrilling, but the excitement fades away once you remember all the cleaning you have to deal with in your new home. Cleaning requires a lot of planning, and must be done beforehand. You can’t wait until all luggage is packed into your new home to start cleaning, as that will make things more difficult.

To avoid the hassle, experts at pre-move in cleaning in Singapore can help you get your new home prepared before you move in. These professionals will ensure that you enter a dirt-and-allergen free environment. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your new home without the hassles of home cleaning.


Let’s take a look at why availing move-in cleaning services is better for you and your family. 

Why Should you Hire Move-In Cleaners

The relocation process is so demanding because it involves a lot of packing, leaving you with no time or energy to clean your new home. This is where professional move-in cleaning services come in. You should hire them for the following reasons;

The use of quality and environmentally friendly cleaning products

The best move-in cleaning service providers use non-toxic products that won’t cause any harm to your pets and family. These cleaning products are environmentally-friendly too, as they easily biodegrade and don’t pollute water. Safety guaranteed!

Mitigates the risk for an allergy attack

If your family suffers from allergies, move-in cleaning professionals can help eliminate allergens so you don’t transfer them to your new home. Professional cleaners use vacuums with HEPA filters, plus other cleaning products effective in removing allergens and dust from your home. Allergens can be a nuisance, therefore it’s a problem best solved in advance.

Offers top-notch cleaning service

Most property managers leave cleaning duties to tenants, so the premise may not be as clean as you could expect when moving in. To ensure you don’t inherit dirt from previous residents, you should hire a skilled cleaning service to clean the place. Due to their top-level skills, you are guaranteed satisfactory results.

Helps save time

Hiring professional move-in cleaners helps save time you would have spent cleaning your new home. Instead, the cleaners will make sure that your home is sparkling clean and free of allergens before you move in. This way, you’ll have all the time to concentrate on unpacking your things and settling in your new home.

Deep clean the new house before the delivery of your belongings

Hiring professional move-in cleaners is essential, as they’ll clean your premises before your move-in date. This will make the move-in process faster and effortless as your items won’t interfere with house cleaning. You won’t have to struggle to clean the place after it’s already crowded with boxes and furniture.

Clean the kitchen

Skilled cleaners will dust and wipe your kitchen drawer, counters, and cabinets. This is necessary as it eliminates all the dust and debris accumulated during construction, or left over from the previous tenant. After cleaning, cleaners add a new cover to the countertops, cabinets, and drawers, and these are disinfected as well.


Professional cleaning service providers will be able to sanitize your toilet with disinfecting products. These products will eliminate germs and bacteria, which is especially helpful if you’re moving into a previously occupied home. Your toilet must be spotless to avoid diseases, and to make sure you get a fresh start. 

They will also wipe every surface in your washrooms, including the medicine cabinets,using a disinfectant spray. Hiring move-in cleaners is worth every penny, since they can help you settle in a clean house. You’ll start your new life in style!

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