Causes of Sewer Damage

Sewer damage can instantly give stress, costly sewer repairs, and overwhelm many McKinney homeowners, even if you are aware of most plumbing problems. It is significant to locate the sewer problems as soon as possible before it creates substantial issues soon. When you require sewer repair services that require digging services, recognizing the reasons for the damage can go a long way when working with a plumbing company.

Tree Root Invasions

The primary cause of sewer damage includes tree roots and tree root attacks. If you have big trees in your place or neighboring areas, your plumbing system may be in danger from tree root attacks. Tree root attacks can thoroughly block the sewer pipes while breaking piping and plumbing, which will require sewer repair from experts.

Major Clogs

Major difficult clogs can also need the assistance of an expert plumber. Major clogs may involve things like cosmetic products, toys, and other unnecessary objects found in the entire home that do not go in drains.

Cracks and Breakdowns

If there are cracks or breakdowns in your plumbing, you likely need the assistance of plumbing companies. They provide repair services to stop massive flooding from happening.

Poorly Maintained Drains

Incorrect maintenance can immediately lead to sewer damage. Proper drain maintenance annually is necessary as a homeowner to stop crucial sewer damage, attacks, or damaged pipes. Make sure to reach out to your local plumbing service when you need sewer line repair.


We always wish for the mice to be friendly like the characters from Ratatouille. Unluckily, rodents are the enemy of sewer lines. They bite joints, create cracks and dents, and use the pipes to multiply and nest. It is never a good indication when mice are involved. 

Usual Tear-and-Wear

Time is not always kind to your pipes. Rust and residue buildup will generally occur over time as they create blockages and leaks. Through time, when natural soil moves underground, it causes drooping of sewer lines. It can lead to sewer line problems when the low spot has the same issues, such as leaks, ruptures, or blockages. Daily checking and maintenance can help, but sewer pipes have a shorter life than your sewer needs.

When should you contact Lex’s plumber about your sewer concerns?

These are the seven noticeable indications to point potential sewer damage: 

  1. Drains are backing up. If you flush the toilet, sink, and shower drain, and they blow out water, a clog is present in the main pipe. 
  2. Unusual things are taking place when you utilize the toilet. Here, we are talking about gurgling sounds and water bubbling when you flush the toilet or water backs up in the shower after you flush it. 
  3. Your lawn begins to become different. Dips in your yard may mean a sagging pipe or a break in your line. Changing grass is also an indicator. Wet patches or greener patches signify sewage is likely coming out from the pipes and enriching your lawn. 
  4. Foul odors. It is a visible one. If you notice a smell like a rotten egg or sewage, the culprit is the sewage itself. 
  5. Molds are growing. If there are leaks in your sewage pipe, then moisture will be present in those places. It can lead to the growth of mold and fungi in apparently weird spots in your house. If you see mold growth, look for other indications of damaged sewage. 
  6. Slow drain. If you find your drain functions slowly, you are about to have vital clogs. Never use a chemical drain washer because it can make the situation worse by rusting the pipes. You can use natural alternatives or contact professional plumbers at Lex’s Plumbing. 
  7. Pest infestation. Do you remember the rodents? If you see a real-time infestation of rodents, they might be from your sewage. It also goes with cockroaches and other pests. These pests find ways to look for cracks and go underground where your sewer lines are. 

Not everyone can do and try a Do It Yourself repair for their damaged sewer. Even if you know about fixing it, still, it is a better idea to let the professionals handle the job for you. We want you and your family safe and healthy in your homes. 

If you think you have a damaged sewer, call Lex’s Plumbing now for thorough inspections. It is about time to take action and remove all broken sewers. 

Using modern plumbing technology, we are confident enough to provide excellent plumbing services. We can locate any plumbing concerns you may have at home. We have great plumbing solutions at affordable prices. Call us now! 

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