Where Should You Use Blackout Blinds In Your Home?

If you’re buying new window treatments for your home, you will probably hear about something called blackout blinds at some point. If you’re not a blinds aficionado you may not be familiar with these blackout blinds, which is why we have teamed up with leading blackout blinds retailer DotcomBlinds to get all the information you need to know about blackout blinds.

First Off – What Are Blackout Blinds?

Good question, really blackout blinds are like any normal window blind, except that they’re made from a piece of thicker blackout fabric, as compared to thinner voile, screen or dimout fabrics. This extra-thick fabric allows the blind to block any light from passing through it, which will create a nice dark space in whatever room they’re used in.

Why Would You Want A Blackout Blind?

There are a few reasons why you may want to use a blackout blind in your home rather than a standard window blind. The main reason that people are drawn to blackout blinds is the level of darkness they can create, which is useful for many different things. But blackout blinds are also handy to create an extra layer of insulation on old windows where heat loss occurs, or to prevent the Sun from heating up usually warm rooms.

Where Would You Use A Blackout Blind At Home?

There are many rooms of the house where blackout blinds can provide a good level of utility, the most common rooms to see a blackout blind in would be:


Blackout blinds are most frequently found in bedroom settings, due to their ability to block out light from the outside, which creates a cozy dark environment on the inside of the room. The darkness created by blackout blinds in bedrooms makes it much easier to fall asleep in a bedroom with blackout blinds than one using standard window blinds.

Media Rooms

Media rooms are another area of the home that benefits from the darkness created by blackout blinds. In dark rooms, the colors on a TV screen or projector will look more vivid than in a brighter room, which is why cinemas are usually dark. This will ultimately create a better viewing experience when you’re watching TV or movies.

Warm Rooms In The Summer

If you have a room in your home that gets very warm in the Summer, then blackout blinds could come in handy. In the Summer, the Sun’s rays will warm up your home (especially in rooms with South facing windows), but as a blackout blind will block off light from outside, it helps prevent the inside of your home from warming up as it blocks heat from entering your home.

Cold Rooms In The Winter

Conversely, blackout blinds can also be helpful in rooms that get very cold in the Winter, especially those with old windows. As blackout blinds are made with thick material, they’re a great form of insulation for your windows, creating an insulating layer over the window, which will keep the heat from leaking out and the cold from leaking in.

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