When Does McDonald’s End Breakfast?

It is most important to know and track when McDonald’s ends breakfast if you are looking forward to grabbing a flavoursome burger at McDonald’s in the morning.

You see, McDonald’s being a top fast food chain in the United States has a variety of meals on its breakfast menu and also the fast food not engaging in the all-day breakfast option could easily make you miss out on getting your breakfast if you do not know when its end breakfast.

However, after knowing when McDonald’s ends breakfast, you can set an alarm for it, just so you will get reminded if you forget about it later on in the day. So, without wasting time, let us proceed –

What Time Does McDonald’s End Breakfast?

A couple of times, I have heard and seen individuals complicating things for themselves regarding when McDonald’s stop serving breakfast. Yes, it is quite confusing when McDonald’s ends its breakfast but that is why you will be getting everything you need to know about McDonald’s breakfast end hour in this article.

McDonald’s ends breakfast after 10:30 a.m. after starting by 5:00 a.m., So, from 5:00 a.m., when McDonald’s starts selling breakfast till after 10:30 a.m., when its ends selling breakfast, you must make yourself available at McDonald’s to avoid missing that your favourite tasty burger and purchase it the way you want.

Why Does McDonald’s End Breakfast After 10:30?

There is exactly no reason behind why McDonald’s ends breakfast after 10:30 but the only valid reason attached to this is that McDonald’s needs to end its breakfast by 10:30 a.m. so they could start selling lunch by that time or by 11 a.m.

Well, it is not that important to know why McDonald’s ends breakfast by 10:30 a.m., it could be the restaurant’s policy or so. However, avoiding missing out on McDonald’s breakfast should be your biggest concern.

Does All McDonald’s End BreakFast After 10:30?

Regarding when McDonald’s ends breakfast, it is important to note that not all McDonald’s end their breakfast by 10:30 a.m.

You see, while some McDonald’s restaurants stop selling breakfast by 10:30 a.m., there are other McDonald’s that add an extra 30 mins to the 10:30 a.m., making it 11:00 a.m. before they stop selling breakfast for the day.

Well, if you are still contemplating when does the McDonald’s near you end its breakfast. Why not take a walk down there and inquire? It is a great idea tho!

When Does McDonald’s End Breakfast During Weekends?

Unlike other random restaurants that are not coordinated based on their opening and closing timing, McDonald’s is very organized that it maintains different breakfast closing time on weekdays and weekends.

Why Is McDonald’s Ending Breakfast By 10:30 And Not All-Day Anymore?

McDonald’s had to end its breakfast after 10:30 a.m., stopping the all-day breakfast option due to how the fast food restaurant storage was filled with a breakfast menu causing no space for its lunch and specials. However, the all-day breakfast added so many leftover foods in its kitchens and at some point, McDonald’s suffered a food preservation crisis and had to close its chapter with the all-day breakfast option.

Will McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Come Back?

There is no published content from McDonald’s issuing the certainty of the all-day breakfast return. For now, it is only hope against hope that McDonald’s will bring back the all-day breakfast option back to its menu.

MDoes McDonald’s Have Happy Hour?

No, McDonald’s does not have happy hour, so, definitely, you can not get a happy hour menu at McDonald’s just like you do at the other restaurants.

What Happened To McDonald’s Happy Hour?

McDonald’s had issues regarding its happy hour according to rumours from random sources and the restaurant management had to pull it off its daily menu.

Will McDonald’s Bring Back Happy Hour In The Future?

Just like McDonald’s all-day breakfast, there is no certainty that McDonald’s will pull back the happy hour session to its menu.

Is McDonald’s Everyday Deals Still Available At $1 $2 $3 At McDonald’s?

Yes, McDonald’s everyday deals are still available at $1, $2, and $3.


Does McDonald’s Strictly Stop Selling Breakfast After 10:30 PM?

Not really, some McDonald’s do not stop selling breakfast after 10:30 a.m., some extend it till 11:00 a.m.

What Time Does McDonald’s Open Its Restaurant?

McDonald’s opens its restaurant once it is 5 a.m. in the morning although this time might vary depending on a McDonald’s location.

Does McDonald’s Have Specials?

No, there are no specials at McDonald’s but you can get everyday deals at McDonald’s at a price of $3 down to $1.

Can I Get A Breakfast Combo At McDonald’s?

Yes, you can get a breakfast combo at McDonald’s without any restrictions.

Is There A Happy Hour At McDonald’s?

No, there is no happy hour about McDonald’s having the restaurant only deal on its everyday menu.