Fixing and Repairing Your Flower Mound Air Conditioner

When a hot summer day arrives, what is the thing saving you from sweaty shirts and possibly a heatstroke? It is your beloved, trusty air conditioner. What happens when that air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer because you did not have it checked bi-annually nor take the signs glaring in bold red font to replace it? It will be an utter despair.

Do not wait for the summer months to arrive this 2021 to check out what is going on inside your machine. For all you know, it is already festering mold and causes symptoms (read more) which can complicate into serious diseases. One of these is pneumonia, the inflammation of the air sacs of the lungs. Once you get pneumonia, you are basically open to other diseases, such as Tuberculosis, or even COVID-19.

1. It Does not Blow Out Cool Air

Either that, or it does not blow out any sort of air, at all. If ever you feel the lacking manpower of the AC, it means it has some serious repair needs to be done inside. Most of the ACs made today can cool an entire medium-sized square room in under 3 minutes,  so if it seems it has been a long while and the air still hasn’t cooled, perhaps you should consider calling in the best HVAC companies.

However, if it blows out hot air instead, turn it off immediately. There may be something wrong with the compressor and further use can lead to more broken parts to repair, or heaven forbid, overheat and possibly blowing up. Pick a company with seasoned workers, like Southern Comfort Mechanical of Flower Mound, near you. The sooner a professional who knows what he’s doing gets ahold of your AC, the sooner it will get repaired.

2. Questionably Loud Noises

Normally, air conditioners are supposed to be silent, as they can be used in homes, offices, and other establishments. Loud noises go against its very nature and should be looked into once discovered or realized. Squealing can mean a belt is coming loose. A low rumble can mean a motor issue. The first and most important thing to do is tell a professional and book a rush check-up and repair.

3. Questionably Foul Odors

It is already common sense to realize your air conditioner isn’t supposed to smell rancid. Some brands even offer their own blend of air fresheners to enhance the environment’s overall scent, but normally air conditioners and the air it blows out have no smell.

This awful smell can mean a critter has made a home in your air conditioner and died, thus spread the smell all over the room. If it smells like something is burning, turn off your AC immediately and call for an emergency ac repair Las Vegas.The motor might have fried itself, or there is a problem with the powerline. Either way, only a professional can remedy this problem.

4. Leak Stains or Moisture Around Your AC’s Area

The presence of excessive moisture or liquid in your room can mean your AC has a serious problem. And if you look more closely and see stain leaks or pools of water around the area, it might be due to a broken refrigerant. This means your AC can neither blow consistent cool air nor keep its refrigerant running properly. Oftentimes, you can see the formation of ice around the inside of the machine.

This can encourage mold growth and other unwanted elements in the room that can possibly harm you and your family’s health.  Remember that where there is moisture, there can be a reservoir for bacteria and viruses (see here: Because of the COVID-19 precautions, you need to be extra careful.

5. Your Bills Skyrocketed

Before, when you first bought your AC, your bill did not go too high to be noticeable. Now, you feel as though every sound of the AC turning means another dollar wasted. Faulty Air conditioners tend to eat up more power because of their malfunction, may it be due to old age, a broken thermostat, or a leak in the ductwork. Though not as noticeable as the other signs, it is still something to look out for, especially those who are conscious of the money they spend.

Instead of dreading to use your AC this summer, call your local HVAC repair company to take a look at your machine. Who knows? What might have taken you thousands of dollars to pay becomes just a mere fraction after they wired it right.

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