8 Places to Put the Microwave in Your Kitchen

Your microwave is probably not your most important problem and may even be crucial in a small kitchen. However, you may be wondering where microwave appliances should be placed in a kitchen with refrigerators and stoves. In small kitchens, it is possible to install microwaves inside cabinets or drawers. Find more about kitchen design ideas from Caesarstone.

There are microwave models of all sizes that will save you dozens of cubic feet. A small microwave is also possible on your kitchen countertop or installed on an island. The following guide explains how to find the perfect space for a microwave. We also talk of several possibilities for positioning this appliance.

Factors to Consider While Placing Microwave

Before knowing where to place the microwave, it’s a good idea to be aware of some factors to consider while looking for a place to put a microwave.


The solution to a small kitchen might be to avoid the shallow cabinet design and instead look for more suitable placement. For example, instead of a shallow, small storage cupboard, look for one that is convenient to the cooktop and refrigerator. It’s common to pop something straight from the fridge into the microwave, so the two appliances must be close together.


Place your microwave in a location that will be easy to access and where you won’t move hot items to other areas of your kitchen. It minimizes the chance of accidents.

Conventional appliances need not be hidden away when microwaves are in use. The devices emit a fair amount of heat, which can affect nearby surfaces. It’s best to avoid using microwaves next to cabinets or bookshelves. Microwaves can easily be placed on a microwave tray. This keeps them out of the way and provides the user with easy access.

Places to Put the Microwave in Your Kitchen

From kitchen counters to above the stove, built-in cabinets, and more. These solutions all work, but which is the best solution? And which is the most preferred? Here are the 8 places to put the microwave in your kitchen.

Over the Range

Typically, microwaves are installed above a range or oven. But more homeowners are placing large decorative vents above their cooktops. These vented microwaves also allow homeowners to vent hot air out of the kitchen. There are times when you may want to keep a microwave within reach for your family, but you may need to consider placing it in a location that’s not near your stove. If you intend to install a vented microwave, keep it away from young children and the elderly.

With a microwave vent over your stovetop, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning off grease drips, because your kitchen hood will automatically filter out all those grease fumes. In addition, this hood vent will not interfere with any features above the stovetop, such as lights or other cooking gadgets. Not only does this look good, but it is also space-saving.

On an Upper Shelf

You can reduce the size of your microwave by about an inch if you don’t mind taking a little more room in your kitchen. You can install the microwave in the upper cabinet area, and you will probably have to have an outlet on the wall next to the microwave.

On a lower shelf

There are many variations of using a microwave as a microwave shelf. The best place for your microwave is one that is easily accessible. You can even use the same concept as above but place the microwave on a shelf in your lower cabinets.

When placing the microwave on the bottom shelf of a lower cabinet, some people lose a small amount of space in the back of the microwave, as microwaves are not 24″ deep. This may be avoided by moving the microwave to the end of an island.

Microwave On Countertop Ideas

The kitchen countertop is where you’ll find a microwave. They are very convenient, easy to reach, and provide fast heating capabilities. Putting your microwave on countertop ideas is a straightforward option for most homeowners.

Although there are benefits to placing your microwave on your countertop, there are also downsides. The biggest downside to placing a microwave on your countertop is that the overall volume of your kitchen decreases. For this reason, you need to know what size your microwave needs to be before buying it.

Place it in the Corner of the Counter

Let’s take a look at another of the greatest microwave on-counter ideas for placing a microwave in your kitchen. When it comes to storing and utilizing appliances in small spaces, it pays to maximize their usage. Placing your microwave in the corner makes the most of the space you have that cannot be used for anything else. This method is ideal when you have a lot of cooking or storage needs. When you’re confined to a smaller space, you’ll find yourself creating new uses for unused areas.

In the Pantry

In some cases, people don’t need to keep a microwave in their kitchen cabinets. Rather than taking up valuable counter or cabinet space, people can hide microwaves in their pantry.

The pantry should be large enough to hold your microwave and anything else that you might need in the kitchen. But, if you have a large pantry, you should consider putting your microwave there. That’s where your snack food is.

Built-in Microwave

With a sleek design, built-in microwaves look like cabinets or appliances. But instead of opening to the side, these cabinets open outward. You can install them above a countertop or even above a wall oven. As their name implies, they are built-in, and they’re great if you want a custom look. Unfortunately, at the high end of the price range, built-in microwaves are hard to reach and can’t be used by taller people.

In Lowest Cabinets

If you have a kitchen space that you want to make into a special area for kids, placing a microwave in the lowest cabinet of the kitchen may help. It will let your kids access the rest of the kitchen space, which is safer for them.


Where to put the microwave depends on various factors. However, to maximize your microwave’s usefulness, it should be placed above the range or in a convenient location in your kitchen. In this article, we have discussed various Microwave countertop ideas.