Vacation Rentals: Finding Your Luxury Home Away From Home

Many people today choose to take advantage of a short-term rental rather than staying in a hotel when they go on vacation. However, finding the perfect rental may serve as a challenge. With countless sites today offering vacation rentals, a person may feel overwhelmed and not know how to begin their search. Furthermore, they don’t know what to look for when renting a property. 

Will the residence be clean when they arrive? Who do they call for help if a problem arises during their stay? These are only two of the countless questions a person may have when going this route. The following tips make it easy to find the perfect accommodations for your trip. Once you have reviewed them, head over to to find your dream home for your next getaway.

Where to Start?

The first place many people start their search for a vacation property is through the many sites on the internet today. While these sites are well organized and will help narrow the choices, it’s best to find one that others have used with great success. Begin browsing a site that comes with excellent reviews and one that is easy to navigate. Nobody wants to spend countless hours looking at properties that don’t meet their needs. 

Choose a site that allows you to save your favorite properties. This will be of benefit when the time comes to narrow the choices to only one or two. In addition, look for a site that allows you to only see properties that are available on the desired travel dates. This helps to prevent disappointment if a property you love isn’t open on the dates you will be on vacation. 

Learn whether the site will allow you to communicate directly with the property owner or manager. This makes it easy to have any questions answered prior to booking the property. If you struggle to find the perfect property using this method, try some of the smaller or specialty sites. In addition, local real estate agents may be a great resource in helping you learn more about an area and whether it is somewhere you would like to vacation. However, try not to book the accommodations through the real estate agent. They may inflate prices to make money off of the help they provide. 

Choosing a Property

Always compare rates, terms and conditions, and amenities before signing a rental contract. In addition, ask about the view. Nobody wants to find they have rented a property that looks directly into the property next door rather than over the water, but this does happen. When visiting sites, learn about the communication options. Try to book through an agent site when possible. This becomes of help if a problem arises. The agent will often step in to help you resolve the matter. 

Book Early

Plan the vacation early. Many people think about their summer plant right around the New Year. Popular accommodations often fill up quickly, and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect home because you waited too late. In addition, some families book their homes a year in advance. Before they return home from their vacation, they book it for the future. When booking the accommodations, ask about booking discounts. This could add up to significant savings over the years. In fact, you may even take an extra getaway with the money you save. 

Consider Amenities

Always research amenities before booking a property. For example, some people want pet-friendly accommodations. A family with young children might look for a property that is child-proofed, and older individuals may want a single-story residence, one where they won’t have to navigate unfamiliar steps. Men and women who like to cook out regularly will want access to a grill or outdoor kitchen. 

When talking with an agent or property owner about the amenities, ensure they will be outlined in the rental contract. This helps to prevent surprises when you arrive at the property. Have the name and contact number of whom to call if something goes wrong with the amenities. This should also appear in the contract. 

Book Last Minute

To save on a getaway, consider waiting to book a property until the last minute. Agents and owners often provide discounts if the property remains unrented. Take advantage of this when possible. Anyone who is flexible with travel dates and amenities will find they get good deals by holding off on booking.

Due Diligence

It falls on the renter to review the terms and conditions of the rental agreement thoroughly. This agreement should provide all information about the accommodations, including the furnishings, cleaning services, payment terms, deposits, insurance requirements, and more. If there is any doubt regarding one or more terms or conditions, talk with the owner. Make certain the contract spells everything out clearly for a great vacation with no unpleasant surprises. 

Read Reviews

Take the time to read reviews from former guests. Do so on the vacation rental site and read reviews on third-party sites as well. The more information you have, the easier it becomes to choose a rental property that meets your needs in every way. 

How Do Vacation Rentals Differ from Hotels?

One thing to keep in mind is a short-term rental differs from a hotel. The contract signed when you rent the property is legally binding. Learn the cancellation policy and ensure you abide by it. Finally, learn local laws regarding short-term rentals. Some cities ban this practice. Nobody wants to find they are in trouble with the law because they took a vacation and rented a property illegally. 

Any person will enjoy staying in a luxury home away from home. However, it falls on the renter to know what they are getting. By taking the following steps, you can increase the odds of your vacation being everything you imagined it would be when you began planning it. 

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