Design tips for making your new house feel like home 

Buying a new place to live is always exciting, but it can take some time for empty rooms and bare walls to feel like home. If you’ve recently moved into your new home and haven’t managed to settle in, then these design tips may be just what you need. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a DIY expert to make a real difference – these ideas can be implemented by anyone, regardless of their handiness. 

Hang family photos or art

If you’re looking for some real-life inspiration, then check out these houses for sale on Compass. Well-decorated, welcoming, and homely, it’s this pleasing approach to interior design that makes properties like these so popular, and the addition of family photos or art can really make a difference too. 

Whether you want to put your child’s first day of school above the mantel or scatter all your cousins and uncles along the staircase, you’ll feel much more settled once you have familiar faces gazing at you from all angles. Alternatively, invest in some works of art that bring you a lot of joy. They don’t even have to be real paintings, but prints of your favorite works, making your home feel like a gallery.

Burn candles or incense

The smell of new paint can be a great signifier of new beginnings, but it’s not necessarily the homeliest smell. To mask this smell of newness, burn some incense sticks, light a scented candle in the evening, or buy an essential oil diffuser. Home fragrances are available in a huge range of scents, so it doesn’t matter if you prefer florals, woods, or citrus notes, there will be something out there for you. Just remember that if you have pets or children, you might be better off with a plug-in diffuser so that everyone can be safe.

Invest in soft furnishings

Houses that are very bare can echo, which can add to your feelings of displacement. However, an easy fix for empty, echoing rooms is buying some soft furnishings. If you have hardwood or laminated floors, a few large rugs can make a huge difference and add a bit of coziness to your space. You could also hang tapestries on the walls or purchase a wool blanket to drape over your sofa. Adding tablecloths and cushions to your rooms can also bring your décor to a new level while having practical applications as well.

Invite guests over

One of the main reasons a house doesn’t feel like a home is the lack of memories you have there. Inviting guests over for a dinner party or games night can help you to fill your rooms with laughter and conversation. Don’t forget to reach out to your new neighbors as well as old friends and family, as knowing the people who live nearby can help you to feel more secure in your new neighborhood. Make sure you introduce yourself to everyone on either side of your new house and join in with local events and activities.

Humna Chaudhary
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