6 Tips For Setting Up An Alfresco Entertainment Area

Take a good walk around your backyard today. Are you thrilled and satisfied with the way that it is? Or could it use a little work? Regardless of how big or small your yard is, there’s always a way to make better use of that outdoor space, starting with an alfresco entertainment area. Family homes, in particular, can have so much use out of that space for both kids’ and adults’ parties or even for simple weekends where all you want to do is lounge. 

Creating an outdoor living space has never been more satisfying than in recent times when there’s so much buzz about it. With one, you don’t have to keep the family cooped indoors as they now have so much reason to stay outside. A good designer comes equipped with the best outdoor design and decorating ideas to create an aesthetically-pleasing alfresco entertainment area and a functional one. 

Here are a few tips to get you started. 

  • Create Comfortable Seating Areas 

What’s an alfresco entertaining area without seating areas? You can effectively encourage more time spent outdoors when it’s comfortable outside. Think beyond the ordinary chairs. Imagine a space where you can lounge, like you would in an indoor living area, only that now, you’re outdoors instead. Depending on the size of your space, you can have multiple seating areas. You can even add a dining area or an outdoor bar. 

  • A pergola is a must-have in every outdoor alfresco area. Not only does it give you some shade, but it also breaks the landscape by adding vertical interest design-wise. Think of the pergola as that final touch to your alfresco entertaining area, just like a rug completes a living room. But keep it as simple and classic as possible to make it easy for you to play around with the sitting area designs within the pergola’s space.
  • Set The Mood With Lighting 

Nothing sets an ambiance and atmosphere more than good lighting does. This is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to transform an outdoor entertaining area. No matter how well-designed your outdoors is, if it isn’t well-lit, you’ll still find it uninspiring. Adequate lighting makes a huge difference in transforming a once tedious space. You’ll surely enjoy scrolling through the lighting options considering the wide variety of options. 

If you have big trees, you can use the branches for some hanging tree lights or string lights. If you have a water feature or a swimming pool, you can harness the power of lighting and elevate it into a five-star resort feel. Wall sconces or pathway lights also add depth and drama to dark walls and walkways. 

  • Add A Food And Beverage Section 

While not everyone has a big budget to go all out with an outdoor kitchen, this doesn’t mean you should skip this feature. Having one saves you from running back and forth to the kitchen when you’re hosting. It doesn’t mean you have to add an outdoor kitchen, especially if your space doesn’t allow it. But at least have a bar countertop or island with a sink to display a buffet table, drinks, and even utensils. 

  • Incorporate More Plants 

Sure, you’ve got grass around your lawn. But, even with that, your outdoor space will still feel flat without the mix of different plants. Picture a resort where the greenery makes the space feel like a tropical paradise. You can achieve that same feel in your own home, as well, by adding a variety of plants. 

Patio plants can be directly planted on the soil or strategically planted around your outdoor space. Or, you can have hanging, potted bushes and even trees. Take it one plant and one corner at a time, and soon you’ll see how they can make your whole alfresco entertainment area feel fresh and more welcoming. 

  • Remove The Indoor/Outdoor Divide 

In setting up an alfresco entertainment area, you’ll want it to feel like an extension of your home. This means creating a smooth traffic flow from the inside to the outside. There are little to no barriers at all. 

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To achieve this, start by breaking down walls and replacing them with big, sliding, or glass doors. Opening them up lets you have lots of air coming through your home. And, even when the doors are closed, you can still enjoy the beautiful view of your outdoor space. 

Keep things coherent with intentional design choices. This means that even if you’re only doing the outdoor space for now, its theme is still attuned to your home’s interior design. Otherwise, the mismatch will make your space look messy. 

Set Up Your Backyard For Entertaining 

With the ideas above, transforming that plain backyard space into a more functional and inviting entertainment area will no longer have to be a dream. Alfresco entertainment areas have risen in popularity now that families are finding more and more that home is the place to be. Even simple weekends at home can feel more remarkable when you have an outdoor entertaining space, be it for your household or inviting friends over.


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