Top Bathroom Trends to Inspire Your Next Remodel 

There have been many trends that have made their mark in recent years – trends such as the ultimate spa bathroom, where you can create (or re-create) a relaxing spa experience with your steam shower and freestanding bath plus accoutrements like an aromatherapy candle and luxurious bath linen, or why not have your very own wet room cum bathroom where you can have underfloor heating and the advantage of a truly open space?

But if you haven’t heard, some new trends are set to transform today’s bathroom once again, and the good thing is, some of these trends are easy to fix and incorporate – all you need is a little creativity and know-how. So if you’re gearing up for a bathroom remodel or want something fresh and new to spruce up your bathroom, here are the top bathroom trends to inspire you. 

  • Bathroom colours

First up – the colours. The colours you choose for your bathroom can dictate the rest of the elements, be it the colour of the vanity and the colour of the walls and floor, and it can also dictate the overall mood and ambience! That said, what are the colours that are making a splash today? Of course, there are jewel shades and tones, from emerald green to dark purple and sapphire blue. But you have to pair it strategically – think emerald green or sapphire blue walls that offset a vanity unit with natural wood and vintage brass, for instance.

Another ongoing trend is the use of earth colours, and we’re talking about colours such as terracotta and leaf green, which pair very well with warm white tiles and stylish wall-hung vanity furniture with a natural pale wood hue. Another colour trend to watch out for is the combination of sea blue and dark green, which are soothing and perfect for an all-white or cream bathroom. 

The organically designed bathroom

When people think of organic design in a bathroom, they think about plants and greenery – and rightly so. It may well be one of the most significant trends in recent years with bathroom design, and the good aspect about it is you don’t have to change much by way of bathroom fixtures – you have to add a natural or organic element. Picture this: a simple, clean, and modern space that exudes calm and relaxation, and to achieve this balanced look, all you have to do is use neutral colours and combine them with natural wood accents from a vanity unit or cabinet. To complete the theme, add a pop of colour using greenery and plants. Finally, throw in some plush towels and scented candles to get that authentic organic ambience. 

  • Smart technology 

There’s no doubt that smart homes are in – and what started with smart TVs has quickly turned into smart heating and air conditioning, smart lighting, and now, smart bathrooms! The smart bathroom is a delight to behold, and if you would like to remodel a bathroom that will completely transform the space (and make things easier and more convenient), then smart technology is it. You can choose from smart showers that regulate the water flow and temperature, bathroom mirrors that allow you to view your apps, watch the telly, check the temperature and weather, and more. You can even set up Bluetooth in your bathroom to listen to soothing music whilst taking a shower.

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