7 House Renovation Errors and How to Avoid Them

For a simple cosmetic renovation, put $10,000 aside. If your home needs a complete overhaul, you’re looking more around the $50,000 or more range. Needless to say, renovating your home doesn’t come cheap. 

This is why it’s so important to do it right. If you’re going to commit the time and money to renovate your home. Have a look at what renovations have the high renovation cost recovery and don’t make avoidable house renovation errors that will end up costing you even more, or in an undesirable result. 

Check out these house renovation errors so that you can prepare for a successful home renovation. 

1. Going for the Cheapest Home Renovation Service

When you’re looking for a contractor and specialists to take charge of your home renovations, it’s wise to compare estimated fees. It’s important to keep in mind that the cheapest isn’t always the best.

Going for the contractor that offers you the cheapest quote or bid may end up in a rushed job and a disaster that ends up costing a lot. Often, contractors who offer extremely cheap quotes are planning on getting the job done quickly, and rushing a renovation is not what you should be doing. 

You need to ask yourself why the cost is so low? Is the contractor cutting corners or are they going to slap on more fees when the job is already done?

Run through the estimates, get a complete breakdown of costs and make a decision based on quality and affordability. 

2. Focusing on the Interior First 

If you’re planning on doing indoor and outdoor renovations then you might be tempted to start with the interior. It is the fun bit, after all. However, the most important renovations are those of your structure and shell. These are what will save you money in the long run and ensure the longevity of your home. 

Speak to a house recladding specialist about the renovations that you’d like for aesthetic value and the renovations that the structure needs for functionality. Get these done first and then start with the interior. 

3. Installing Flooring First 

This is an easy mistake to make, especially if you’re doing a lot of DIY renovations and only getting specialists to assist here and there. During a home renovation, there’s a lot of mess, foot traffic, and home renovation equipment coming in and out of your home. 

Installing brand new and shiny floors before doing the rest of the work puts the floors at risk of being ruined. Do all of the work in your home before installing the floors. That way, you won’t need to worry about scratched and damaged floors.

4. Not Creating a Realistic House Renovation Budget 

One of the most important aspects of preparing for home renovations is setting out a realistic budget. It’s also important to take into account that it will probably end up costing you more than you think, so don’t lowball the budget as you’ll have to face nasty surprises on the way. 

Be realistic about your budget, do your research, and always make provisions for unexpected costs and unforeseen circumstances. This will also help you to manage your expectations and opt for laminate counters instead of the Italian marble you’ve been dreaming of. 

Very few home renovations go off without a hitch. Make sure your budget is prepared for this.If you’re having trouble coming up with the right budget, Lux Interiors home renovation team can help outlining what it would cost.

5. Not Prioritizing Permits 

You probably didn’t think that your home renovation would involve tons of paperwork. But it does. For every wall, you’re planning on bashing down or bathroom you’re remodeling, you’ll need the necessary permits. 

Working without a permit is something you shouldn’t even consider doing. If you’re caught doing renovations without a permit your project could be shut down or even torn down. 

In most cases, your contractor will go about securing all the necessary building permits. But don’t just assume that this is what will happen. Check with your local municipal building department to find out what permits you need for your project, and then double-check that your contractor has the right ones.

6. Investing in the Wrong Home Renovations 

When you’re making home renovations you want to be smart about the money that you put into it. Of course, the renovations should be attractive to you, but they also need to be attractive to future home buyers.

So, consider the renovations that will give you the biggest return on investment when you decide to sell. For example, adding a patio or remodeling the bathroom will be a hit with future buyers. But a temperature-controlled wine cellar will seem like an unnecessary luxury and waste of money to most.

If you’re going to put a lot of money into a renovation, think about upgrading areas of your home that will increase the value of your home and see a good ROI. 

7. Rushing Into Renovations 

Once you purchase or move into a new home you may be eager to get started with renovations as soon as possible.

If you do this, you’ll be making decisions based on minimal information, unrealistic expectations, and a kind of tunnel vision. This may result in making the wrong or unnecessary renovations. 

Slow down. Get to know the house first, the way you live in it, the weak and strong points, and the overall flow. This way you’ll make smarter choices, capitalizing on the present features and filling the gaps.

Aim for a Project Free of These House Renovation Errors 

While you will most likely encounter some bumps along the way, you can make the process as smooth as possible by avoiding these house renovation errors. Take the time to plan properly, budget realistically, and consider the best renovations with a good ROI. Rushing into a renovation may just lead to a disaster that ends up costing you more. 

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