Seven High End Quartz Countertop Ideas

Quartz is relatively a new material that has become popular over the past few decades. It looks extremely good and has many qualities that make it one of the most sought-after materials for homes and even businesses.

But before diving into ideas for high-end quartz countertops, we need to know what quartz is!

What is quartz?

Quartz is an engineered stone made by using 90% quartz, and the rest has polymers. It is not a natural stone, but it has various qualities that make it a favorite amongst homeowners.

Homeowners love using it, especially for their kitchens. Homeowners with white kitchens should try teaching black countertops to make them look more vibrant.

To get more ideas for a white kitchen with black countertops, check out this link:

Now, let’s see a few of the benefits of quartz.

Benefits of quartz:

Here are some of the benefits of using quartz in your home or business:

Super stylish:

Quartz is one of the most stylish stones that one can find. It looks extremely regal and can be used for the backsplash, countertops for a kitchen island or dining table, etc.

Variety of designs:

There is a variety of designs available in quartz that one can try out. Furthermore, as it is an engineered stone, homeowners can customize it according to their requirements.

Easy to clean:

Quartz is an easy-to-clean material. Moreover, it has anti-scratch properties, so one does not have to worry about getting ruined easily.

Safe to use:

Quartz is non-toxic, nonporous, and antimicrobial. So, homeowners won’t face any issues with using it daily for chopping or other activities.

Ideas for high-end quartz countertops:

1. Make use of vibrant colors:

Instead of going with some dull colors, why not paint the Kitchen with hues of blue or maybe red. By installing colored quartz, one can fill the kitchen with beautiful colors. There are various color options available that one can choose from in quartz.

The result provides the homeowners with high-end quartz countertops that will make everyone notice the kitchen. One can also add on some cutlery that will match the countertop. Add on some chairs of the same color as the countertop, and one can have a ravishing-looking kitchen instantly.

2. Matching backsplash:

Most homeowners use different materials for their backsplash and different material for their countertops. One can use the same quartz stone for their backsplash to stand out the most. At one glance, whoever will look at it, will notice they feel as if the countertop has been extended upto the walls of the backsplash of the kitchen.

This looks extremely elegant and also makes the kitchen look sophisticated. Add some aesthetic details like flowers and picture frames that will make the whole kitchen look splendid.

3. Get stylish edges:

People usually pay less attention to the minute details like the edges of the countertops. But one does not know that it plays a major role in overlooking the countertop. So instead of going with the old-styled edgy countertop, why not try something like rounded ones.

Rounded edges look good and protect the homeowners and others from getting hurt while passing through the area. One can also have the edges in a stepwise manner.

4. Textured countertops:

Various types of quartz countertops are available for homeowners. However, one can go for a textured countertop and get amazing results. Textured countertops look amazing, and the best part about them is their rarity. It is simply hard to get the same textured countertop again.

So, when a homeowner is purchasing it, they bring home something that will rarely be available elsewhere. People can also add a dining table with the same textured quartz countertop to provide uniformity.

5. Vintage kitchen with beautiful quartz backsplash:

Give the kitchen some vintage look by adding a beautiful quartz backsplash. Vintage looks have started to come again and have changed the game for everybody. So, including some of the 80s and ’90s designs in the modern-day kitchen will surely make a few heads turn around.

There are various ways of doing it. Add on some beautiful backsplash that looks vintage, along with a quartz countertop that will give some modern touch to the vintage Kitchen. Make sure to use the design of the countertop wisely. It should go with the kitchen’s overall look, so there is some kind of uniformity.

6. Black quartz countertop that looks like marble:

One color that stays in demand all the time is black. It looks good and makes the room vibrant. If homeowners are looking for a more marble-like countertop but with a different material, black quartz is the answer. There are a few varieties of high-end quartz countertops that look exactly like marble.

Homeowners keen on trying something out of the box should go with this. By incorporating tonnes of blue all around the kitchen, the black countertop will become the highlight of the house. Yes, this high-end quartz countertops cost will be too much.  But after installation, the result will be worth everything.

7. Quartz that looks like concrete

To give the house a more rustic and high-definition look, quartz countertops with a concrete look are something that homeowners should go with. Concrete on its own is a natural stone that requires high maintenance.

With Quartz, homeowners can save themselves from intense labor. Quartz is a nonporous material that will ensure the countertops are saved from damage. In addition, its concrete look will help achieve results that homeowners have always wanted.


After reading the above idea for a high-end quartz countertop, homeowners might also be planning to have one at their place. But before forming this decision, there are a few things that one should take note of. First, have a word with the renovator to understand what type of design and color of a quartz countertop suit the home best.

Homeowners can look for various high-end backsplash ideas for quartz countertops and try to include them in their kitchen design. Take help from trusted fabricators and installers in the area so that one does not make an expensive mistake. There are various alternatives available to make the dream of homeowners a reality. One just needs to plan a little bit.

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