Top 5 Tools You Need in Your Home

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a busy multi-family home, there are a few tools you’d need to ensure that you can patch up the majority of common repairs on your own.

You might have most of these tools already, but depending on the size and scope of your planned renovations, you’ll benefit from having all your bases covered with some useful house tools.

From drills and saws to more obscure gadgets such as heater blankets and repair clamp kits, here’s a rundown of the five best tools you need for home improvement jobs.

1) Electric Portable Vacuum Suction Lifter

This tool is a must-have if you’ll be working on any sort of renovation, as it’s great for picking up large appliances and plasterboards of up to 170 kilograms.

This fully portable lifter makes lifting heavy objects easy thanks to its effortless grip. It can lift almost any type of material, ranging from tiles, glass, concrete, plasterboard, and plywood furniture.

If you plan to move to a new apartment or are in the process of renovating a major part of your home, this is a tool you’ll want to have.

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2) Electric Drill

An electric drill allows you to quickly and efficiently drill holes into walls or through studs. Electric drills are easy to use and they’re relatively inexpensive as well, making them a great tool for any homeowner.

Without an electric drill, you’d have to manually use a hand saw or rotary saw to make holes. Essentially, it’s a device that allows you to cut time off your remodeling project by eliminating the need for physical labor.

Moreover, you’ll also need a drill if you plan on hanging things such as shelves, pictures, paintings, upholstered furniture, and more. It also helps in case you’re planning to create a shed or other section that can serve as an extension to your home.

3) Multi-Purpose Utility Knife

Utility knives (also called box cutters or Stanley knives) allow you to quickly and efficiently remove items from their packaging, making it an absolute time saver from ripping off the tape or other sealing material.

There are a variety of different blades available for utility knives, which can be easily changed depending on your intended use. Some utility knives even come with a retractable blade that makes it easier to pull out and put back into housing after use.

A multi-purpose utility knife is essential for any builder or home DIY enthusiast who’s looking to save time and money. Having this tool on hand will allow you to easily open any packages that come your way, which can be especially helpful if you’re a big fan of ordering online.

Aside from cutting packages, utility knives help trim down wires and tubes or alter their shape. They can also be used to strip wires and tubes, especially if you’re looking for quick fixes like getting rid of rust spots on metal surfaces.

4) Flashlights

Do you live in a blackout-prone area? Do you live in a large plot of land with little outside lighting? If so, a flashlight is a highly useful tool if you don’t want to experience temporary darkness.

This also goes for areas where blackouts are frequent or expected due to inclement weather. Flashlights can be used in case of emergency, they’re great in the event that you want to go night fishing, and they’re extremely helpful in dark areas around your home where the light may not be may be working, such as your shed or attic.

5) Heat Gun

Heat guns are great tools for renovations that require you to remove old paints, varnishes, or glues. They’re also great for smoothing out uneven surfaces and can be used to thaw frozen pipes if you’re ever in a bind during wintertime.

An ideal heat gun model is also equipped with two or three settings that allow you to choose between low, medium, and high levels of heat. This ensures versatility when it comes to your heating needs, allowing for you to switch your strength level depending on your need for the tool.

A heat gun is a useful tool for beginners as well, as it’s quick and easy to use. For those who aren’t too keen on using a potentially dangerous flame to remove paint or other similar materials, a heat gun is a perfect solution.

Not only that, but if you’re looking to peel off stickers from glassware or cans, the heat gun can come in handy. Having one also opens the doors for you to partake in multiple home DIY projects, and you can also use it as a tool for crafts and renovation work.

Now that you’ve learned about the top five tools you must have in your home, are there any other tools that you think should also be added to the list? Leave your thoughts below!