Top 5 Tips for Deck Cleaning Companies

A deck is a wonderful addition to any yard, as it serves as a spot for leisure and enjoyment. Yet, a deck may become dirty, damaged, and stained after time and exposure to the weather.

It is where deck cleaning companies come in, giving the knowledge to restore decks to their previous appearance and safety.

But how can any deck cleaning company properly clean their customers’ decks with so many cleaning techniques and supplies? 

In this article, we’ll discuss the top five tips for deck cleaning companies to help you clean any deck efficiently and safely.

Top 5 Tips for Deck Cleaning Companies to Satisfy the Customer’s Needs Properly

If you want to fulfil the customer’s needs and earn their loyalty, here are the top 5 tips for properly cleaning the decks as a deck cleaning company.

  • Use the Right Cleaning Products

When getting a deck completely clean, using the appropriate cleaning chemicals is essential.

Even though there are several commercially available options for cleaning decks, one of the best choices is to use materials that are kind to the environment and break down naturally.

These products are not only harmless to the natural environment but won’t have any negative impact on the decks of your customers.

  • Use the Right Cleaning Techniques

Deck Cleaning may be a tough task, and it is vital to use the proper procedure in order to prevent causing damage to the wood or any of the other materials.

The term “soft washing” refers to a technique often used to clean the surface of a deck by applying water at low pressure and employing the approach.

This method does not cause any harm to the deck. High-pressure water, or “pressure washing,” is another alternative, although it should be reserved for tough stains or surfaces.

  • Inspect the Deck for Damage

Before starting any cleaning, it is important to carefully examine the deck for any damage, such as cracks, rotting, or loose boards.

Because of these problems, the deck’s physical structure might be compromised, risking your customers’ safety.

Before moving on with the cleaning, you need to ensure that your clients are aware of any damage and that you recommend fixing it.

  • Protect the Surrounding Area

Deck cleaning may be difficult, so it’s important to prevent the area around it from getting damaged or contaminated with dirt before starting the task.

It is possible to protect nearby plants and outdoor furniture from any potential harm caused by the cleaning solutions or equipment by covering them with tarps or plastic sheeting.

  • Provide Post-Cleaning Recommendations

When you have cleaned the deck, you should present your customers with post-cleaning suggestions.

These recommendations should include information on how long they should wait to use the deck, how often they should clean it, and any other maintenance instructions to help them maintain the deck in perfect condition.

This information may assist your customers in guaranteeing that their deck continues to be clean and safe over many years to come, which can also help develop customer loyalty.


What Pressure Is Ideal For Washing A Deck?

When washing a hardwood deck, the lowest pressure level that is still effective will suit you best. For soft woods such as cedar and pine, this is often between 500 and 600 psi. For tougher timbers, the pressure might reach 1200 to 1500 psi.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Clean A Deck?

Decks may be cleaned gently using liquid dish soap and warm water. One alternative would be to use a cleaner made specifically for wood decks. Soak the deck and scrape it with a brush or sponge to work up a lather of cleaning solution.

What Is The Chemical Used To Clean A Wood Deck?

After washing with hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate, use oxalic acid as a deck brightener. The deck brightener will return the wood to its original pH by neutralising the sodium percarbonate cleanser.


Deck cleaning businesses are crucial in assisting homeowners with outdoor area maintenance. 

These top 5 tips can help you provide effective cleaning services and guarantee client satisfaction.

In addition to cleaning the deck, you should check it for damage, wrap it up, and provide tips for maintenance afterwards.

These ideas will not only assist you in giving your customers the best service possible but as well as maintain client loyalty.