Rent a Portable Restroom During Bathroom Renovations

A growing family, lifestyle changes, and many other reasons can make bathroom renovations unavoidable. Like any other renovation project, proper planning is important before conducting this project. For most homeowners, planning involves choosing bathroom fixtures, accessories, and paint colors. Unfortunately, everybody forgets what they will be using during the renovation period.

Bathroom renovation means you’ll lose an important room in your home. You won’t have the convenience of the shower, toilet, and sink. Even if your house has other bathrooms, the sudden change in daily routines is stressful. Construction workers also handling your renovation need restroom facilities. These circumstances make it prudent to rent a portable bathroom.

Advantages of Renting a Portable Restroom

Below are the benefits of renting a portable restroom during bathroom renovation:

1. No Concerns About Water Shut Off

Depending on the setup of your plumbing, the water supply to your house may be disconnected by the contractor during the renovation. Even if the plumbing system allows for water disconnection to specific rooms, most plumbing systems are designed to have a unified water supply to washrooms. Therefore, switching off the supply to one bathroom means other bathrooms won’t have water as well.

Asking permission to use your neighbor’s bathroom facilities is certainly awkward, especially if your family is large and with kids. The best option in such a situation is renting out a portable restroom. You can place it on the driveway or any other place in your backyard to solve your restroom needs.

2. Privacy in Your Second Bathroom

You are lucky if you have a second bathroom that hasn’t been affected by water shut-off. This could be a basement or a guest room bathroom. While the second bathroom can provide a temporary solution during renovations, you certainly don’t want renovators using it during the renovation period. Traffic in your home, especially in private places such as bathrooms, caused by strangers is quite unsettling.

Restrooms are private, and more than 45% of homeowners don’t enjoy sharing with strangers. Regardless of the number of renovators in your home, renting out portable restrooms makes the crew feel accommodated and respected.

3. Less Messy

Renovation projects are always messy. From drywalls that need replacement, repainting, and replacing tiles, bathroom renovation generates a lot of accumulating debris. While renovators can handle this debris, the last thing every homeowner wants is tracking debris to their alternative bathrooms.

Because of the nature of renovation tasks, workers may not realize that the bottom of their shoes or work gear has paint or caulking. As such, they can unknowingly track into your alternative restroom. You can eliminate these concerns by providing a designated path from the front or back door to the portable restroom.

What to Consider when Renting a Portable Restroom

You should consider the following before renting out a portable restroom:

  • Number of People Using It

Knowing the number of people who’ll rely on the portable toilet helps choose the right size. Rent large models or multiple restrooms if part of your family members and the renovators will use the toilet.

  • Budget

The costs of renting a portable toilet can quickly accumulate. The average rental costs for standard models are $75 per day. Deluxe and high-rise models cost $150 and $180 per day. How much you’ll spend during the entire period depends on the type of toilet you’ve reserved and your location. Other cost factors include site delivery, maintenance, and cleaning.

  • Rental Company

Apart from the type and cost, you should be cautious to ensure that you rent portable restrooms from a reputable restroom rental company near you. You can simply do a google search or ask for recommendations from friends.


Apart from outdoor events and camping, portable rental restrooms also come in handy during construction projects. If you are planning to conduct a major renovation in your home, renting these facilities may seem like an additional expense, but they are highly beneficial.