What is the Difference Between Architecture and Building Design?

Architecture and building designers have very similar elements, therefore making it difficult to distinguish between the two. Both crafts provide corresponding services and bear matching skills. In the field of construction – Architecture and building design are applied when either building a structure from the ground or making renovations.

When undertaking a construction project, you might need to hire a professional service provider, preferably an Architectural company or a building design firm. You might be in a dilemma, trying to figure out who is better for the job. Therefore, let us look at what Architecture entails and what constitutes building design.

What Is Architecture?

Architecture is the craft and procedure of planning and putting up structures. This craft comprises both the designing exercise and the result of assembling the entire layout. Upon completion of an Architectural project, the outcome can be described as a modelled realization of what started as a theoretical idea.

Architecture involves compiling sketches, ideas, and designs of your project. This also includes putting together the exhibits of your project’s basic concept. Architectural firms work with qualified Architects who have the expertise to offer professional guidance while setting a practical budget for your project.

Architecture also entails the firm helping the client obtain realistic quotes for the project’s required materials and any other resources such as labour. In addition to this, Architectural firms are in control of any other professionals that may need to be brought on board during the creation stage of the refurbishing or building process.

What Is Building Design?

We can talk of building design as a general term that refers to multiple crafts under the field of construction. Building design comprehensively includes both the engineering and Architectural implementations, to the creation of a building’s layout. Any mechanical or technological execution involved while sketching and assembling a structure also falls under building design.

Individuals with a design-based background especially in the field of construction, automatically qualify to be building designers. Building designers can be employed by a builder or can be directly hired by a client. This profession is inclusive of those educated in architecture but yet to be certified as architects.

Therefore, those falling under this category are building designers. Building design is a field that is accommodative of a wide range of skills. Building design companies will mainly employ the expertise of people with substantial validated education in one or more fields of design.

However, to work under building design, you do not necessarily need to be registered or licensed under a professional body. Even this being the case, it is of essence to keep in mind that the work done by a building designer must observe all the domestic and designing directives set. Failure to this, the building will neither be approved nor built.

Should you Hire an Architecture Firm or a Building Design Company?

The answer to this question is entirely reliant on your specific needs. Impeccable outcomes can be achieved from hiring either an Architecture firm or a Building Design company. Both possess top-notch expertise and the charge for their services is very similar. However, Architecture firms are known to be more experienced and have greater qualifications.

As a result, they are more likely to deliver a design that is of a higher standard. Consequently, Architecture firms are endorsed for large projects. Regardless of the firm you choose to work with, you should perform thorough research on their previous projects, to understand the way they configure their building designs. This should go a long way in predicting how successful your project will be, upon hiring your service provider of choice.