Tips on How to Choose a Dining Chair Based On a Real Story!

Buying a dining chair is somewhat confusing for us whether we should  buy it for heavy people or for the average person. Let me give you the statistical data.

1 out 4 people in USA are obese and few of them extremely obese over 350 pounds or even more!

So, if you are hosting dinner parties and oftentimes you welcome new friends, then keep at least 2 or 3 chairs for them. By the way, let me tell you a story of a couple. 

They were rich and settled in Miami and pretty friendly to their neighborhood. They have lavish and antique chairs however, those can barely weigh around 265 pounds.

A heavyweight young lady came around in a blue moon. 

Unfortunately, she weighs over 300 pounds and may be close to 340. The moment was jaw dropping for them. Because everyone has space to sit together around the dinning table but she had to sit on a sofa. Well, that was embarrassing!

5 Tips to Choose A Decent Pairs of Chair 

You came across the story mentioned above!

If you won’t ever come to face such a horrible situation then it is high time for you to come across a dining chair for heavy weight people. Today we will shed some glimpse on it and let you know the tips on how to choose a dining chair

Made of Robust Materials: 

Wooden chairs are heavy and classic whereas modern chairs are not made of wood. Again, those chairs may not welcome with much space and take more loads. 

We get to see the custom made chair will weigh more than 500 pounds without any issue at all. If you consider a chair to weigh below 400 pounds or above 250 then mid century modern design will make you wow!. 

Here is why, if you consider the necessity over the style while buying it for heavy people, then choose a chair with a robust frame. Also, you can opt for the wooden body or customized one. This trick will work while choosing an extra strong dining chair.

Good Looking Chairs: 

Like any furniture of your living-room,  a few pairs of chairs also bring a decent ambience as well. After the build materials, you should opt for sleek and modern design. 

I’m not recommending you any chair that is more stylish compared to comfort. Here comfort comes first but choose the color or accent that matches with everything of your home. However, it is quite tough to sort out the best accent or color of a chair as there are tons of varieties. 

Buy More Chairs or Less: 

You must come to know buying chairs for heavy people often costs more. So when you won’t break the bank and want to see more chairs across your dining table then buy chairs which cost under 300$. 

But buying inexpensive chairs means you will find so many cons. First off, they are not spacious or comfortable compared to the premium quality chairs. If you want to take meals and enjoy a movie sitting next to the table then a spacious and comfortable chair sounds great. Again, if you are a heavy weight person, then you probably need to invest more bucks as well. 

Dining room chairs only: 

There are so many types of chairs roaming around. You will only categorize them under the dining chair. Never look for any folding or reclining chairs as they are not fit for your dining table. However, some dining tables are foldable and for that kind of table you can only look for foldable chairs, unless it is not suggested by any means. 

Height Should Match With the Table: 

Average dining table height is between 28 to 30 inches. Considering this height a dining chair should come with a height in between 17 to 20 inches. So, note this measurement and while buying a chair don’t go beyond that.

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