Top 10 Questions to Ask a Buyers Agent Before Hiring Them


Navigating the real estate market as a home seller or buyer can be intimidating- there are countless complex aspects and experts to partner with, like a top real estate agent (who should hold a real estate license), buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, and real estate lawyer. One particular expert you’ll need during either process is a buyer’s agent; the buyer’s agent’s responsibilities are to help guide your decisions, advise on financial matters, and ensure a seamless transaction. Before hiring one, however, it pays to research and ask questions that allow you to get comfortable with their expertise and ensure they’re right for your specific needs. Read on for some fundamental questions all sellers and/or buyers should ask before selecting a buyers agent who will work best for them.

What are the differences between real estate agents and buyer agents?

When buying or selling a home, it’s important to understand the differences between real estate agents and buyer agents. A real estate agent works primarily with sellers, helping them list and market their properties to potential buyers. On the other hand, a buyer agent represents and works exclusively with buyers, helping them find properties that meet their needs and negotiating on their behalf. While both types of agents are licensed professionals who can provide valuable guidance throughout the home buying or selling process, it’s important to choose an agent who specializes in your particular needs and priorities. Working with a buyer agent ensures that your interests are always represented and that you make a well-informed decision when purchasing your new home.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Buyer Agent

Here are some questions you can ask the prospective agent for a smoother real estate transaction:

  1. What experience do you have as a buyer’s agent?
    Want the perfect buyer’s agent? Ask about their experience! Please find out how long they’ve been working and how many transactions they’ve completed for buyers to gauge their expertise. Dig deeper and ask about their success rate, such as how many clients does he or she have and whether they’ve worked with clients like you. Look for examples of successful deals they’ve negotiated and prove they have the skills and knowledge to help you find your dream property. Don’t settle for less pick the most experienced agents.
  2. How familiar are you with the area where I’m looking to buy?
    Looking for your dream home? Make sure you ask potential buyer agents the right questions. Determining how familiar they are with the neighbourhood you’re interested in is essential to your search. A knowledgeable agent can save you time and hassle by providing local insights into the market, schools, and amenities and finding properties that meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to inquire about their experience in the area and ensure they’re the perfect fit for your house-hunting journey.
  3. Can you provide references from past clients?
    When hiring a buyer agent, it’s important to do your due diligence and ask the right questions. One question that can speak volumes about the agent’s experience and reliability is whether they can provide references from previous clients. Getting feedback and hearing about real-life experiences from people who have worked with the agent can be incredibly valuable in determining whether they fit you. Not only can the agent’s responses give you an idea of their professionalism and communication skills, but hearing about how they’ve helped others in a similar position can provide peace of mind that you’re making the right decision. So, don’t be afraid to ask for references – a good buyer agent will gladly provide them.
  4. What is your communication style, and how often should I expect to hear from you?
    One of the critical decisions you’ll need to make when looking for a buyer agent is choosing someone with the right communication style. It’s important to understand how frequently they will communicate with you and in what way. Do they prefer to email, call or text? Knowing their preferred mode of communication can make all the difference in building a productive relationship. Additionally, it’s crucial to establish how often they will check in with you regarding new properties or updates on any transaction. The right agent will not only be available when you need them, but they’ll also be able to anticipate your needs and provide uncompromising service throughout the process.
  5. What is your strategy for finding properties that meet my criteria?
    One of the most critical questions to ask when hiring a buyer agent is their strategy for finding properties that meet your specific criteria. Knowing that your local agent has a clear plan to help you find your dream home is important. Will they utilize their network of connections to present off-market options, or will they rely solely on public listings? Perhaps they can access exclusive online databases listing properties you wouldn’t otherwise see or even has contact with a listing agent. Asking about their strategy will give you an idea of how they plan to approach your search and how experienced they are in the local real estate market. Ultimately, finding an agent with a solid plan who can tailor it to your needs is key to a successful home-buying experience.
  6. How will you negotiate on my behalf to get the best possible deal?
    Buying a home can be stressful, but having a skilled buyer agent can make all the difference. Before you hire an agent, it’s important to understand how they plan to negotiate on your behalf. Will they use their local market knowledge to help you make a fair offer? Will they be assertive in pushing back against the seller’s demands? A great buyer agent should be able to confidently answer these questions, laying out their strategy for securing the best possible deal on your dream home. So, ask potential agents how they plan to advocate for you during the negotiation process. It could be the most important factor in finding your perfect home.
  7. What is your fee structure, and what services are included?
    One of the most important questions is about their fee structure and the services included in that fee. After all, you want to ensure you get a fair deal and that the agent will provide everything necessary to support your home-buying journey. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, understanding what you will be paying for and what you can expect in return is crucial in making an informed decision about who to work with. So don’t be shy – ask about fees and services upfront and ensure you are comfortable with the answers before agreeing to move forward.
  8. How do you handle multiple offers on a property?
    One key question is how the agent handles multiple offers on a property. This scenario can be tricky to navigate, as it involves balancing the desires of multiple interested parties while ensuring the buyer still secures the best possible outcome. A skilled agent should be able to articulate their approach to managing multiple offers calmly and confidently, keeping their client’s best interests at the forefront. Ultimately, hiring an agent who can competently handle this situation can make all the difference in securing your dream home.
  9. How long have you worked as a buyer’s agent in this market?
    When hiring a buyer’s agent, asking the right questions is important to ensure they have the experience and knowledge needed to secure the best deal on your dream home. One important question is how long they’ve worked as a buyer’s agent in the market you’re interested in. This information will give you insight into their expertise and understanding of the local market dynamics. An experienced buyer’s agent will better understand the local real estate climate, including price trends, housing inventory, and nearby amenities. Don’t be afraid to dig deeper by asking follow-up questions about their specific experience in the market and how it can benefit you as a homebuyer.
  10. Can you walk me through the home-buying process and explain your role?
    Hiring a buyer agent is important when searching for your dream home. One crucial question you should ask is, “Can you walk me through the home-buying process and explain your role?” By asking this question, you’ll better understand what to expect during the home-buying process and what services the agent can offer to guide and assist you. Buying a home is a complex process, especially for first-time homebuyers. A reliable buyer agent will be able to educate you on the process and offer valuable insights and advice to help you make informed decisions every step of the way. So, don’t be afraid to ask this question and any others that may come to mind to ensure that you find the perfect buyer agent to help you purchase your ideal home.


Finding the perfect buyer’s agent to assist you with your home search can be overwhelming. It’s important to take the time to ask all the right questions before making your decision. Get answers that you understand. Ask about their experience working with first-time homebuyers, if they’re familiar with your preferred neighbourhood, and what services are covered in their fees. Also, inquire how often they communicate with clients and if they have any client feedback or references. This is a critical decision, so do your due diligence before hiring a buyer’s agent. Finally, don’t forget to trust your intuition–you’ll be much more likely to find a great fit for you from the outset if you listen closely and go with what feels right!