Garage Care and Maintenance Tips From the Experts

Every homeowner likes to have a garage on their property. It provides shielding for vehicles and also a good spot to safely put away any unwanted or bulky items that are not needed inside the house. However, eventually, the garage becomes a dark and dingy place full of first as you have turned it into your storeroom, laundry room, and even a workshop. 

When exposed to heat, oil, and other elements which can cause dirt, you can damage your garage. It can also cause damage to your car and other items stored in it with the growth of mold etc, which also be a safety hazard for your health. If that is how your garage looks like now, it would be a good idea to start cleaning it up. While that sounds a good idea to you, you might be wondering where to start as you look down at the dirty floor, creaking garage door, and the whole lot of stuff you have in there. 

Do not despair! We have put together a few tips for turning the dirty damp garage into a part of the house that you will enjoy spending time in.

Get The Garage Door Fixed

It’s important to maintain the garage door as it provides safety for all your things or vehicles kept inside. Also, a shaky garage door can cause an accident and hurt you or your family members. Making sure it works well will make it convenient and practical to use. If your door is not too broken you could do it up with a fresh coat of paint with a color that makes it pop put a bit as compared to the rest of the facade. This will give it a brighter appearance and look more welcoming. This will also help improve the value of the house as it will add a visual curb appeal. 

Organize, Clean, and Sell

Start by sorting out everything that is there in your garage. You can donate some items that you don’t need or sell them at a used item store. This way you will get rid of all the things that are cluttered around. Once you have sorted the clutter, go in for power clean. Put in maximum effort and dust and clean everything. Remove any signs of molds. Also, try to add on a fresh paint coat to make it look brighter. Get a dehumidifier for garage so that humidity doesn’t set in again and you won’t have mold on the walls. Moisture and darkness are the perfect combinations for mold to grow. Change any fused bulbs to make them look spacious and well-lit. Organize shelf space so that you can put the things you need in your garage properly arranged.

Scrub that Floor

This has to be the hardest part of cleaning up the Garage. When you look at the grime and oil-stained floor, you might wonder why you need to clean that in the first place. Probably get a mat to cover it up, right? Wrong! The floor is the foundation of your garage and must be in good condition. With the heavy items kept in the garage, if you do not maintain the floor very soon you will see bigger problems that will cost you more money and time. The floor can crack and cause leakages in the foundation. Keeping it clean will not only be safe for your garage but also provide a healthy and nice environment for you when you spend your time there. You can enjoy and relax with a hobby in a clean place rather than one that is dirty. A clean place is a good place. Adding some indoor plants will make the whole place look nice and give you a perfect cave-like place to retreat.

Make Maintenance a Routine

Now that you have got your garage cleaned up, make sure you have added elements to it that will protect it from weather conditions. If the walls are cracking due to the climate then you could face bigger problems in the future. Check for leaks and wind drafts too. Also, it is advisable to get a local exterminator to get rid of any pests you may find. Garages are often home to bees, termites, or ants. If you find bigger animals in the garage you need to figure out if you have a window that’s not sealed properly. 

A Clean Garage to Improve your Home

When it comes to garages, we always find ourselves making excuses. It is mostly ignored as we know not many people go and see there. However, your belongings kept there are valuable so you need to make sure they are safe. Taking some time every few months to inspect the garage and make sure everything is ok and there are no cracks or major spills will ensure you won’t have to repeat the arduous tasks of deep cleaning your garage.

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