Top 6 Ant Control Tips for All Homeowners

Ants are unsightly creatures in any home. If you have never encountered them, count yourself lucky. They can invade your home, contaminate your food, and, worse still, transfer bacteria into your food. All isn’t lost, though! There are multiple ways to eliminate them and enjoy a cleaner home environment. There are also various things that you can do to minimize the risk of inviting ants into your home. These include;

1. Know Their Favorite Joints

Ants will always invade your kitchen, and the reasons are apparent- lots of food and water. Ants and many other pests need food and water to thrive. You’ll also get them in basements, bathrooms, or inside wall cracks. This is why ant control Vancouver experts always examine the breeding spots and identify what attracts ants to your home.

2. Drain Stagnant Waters

Stagnant water and moisture can attract ants into your home. Ensure that your home says dry and free from any pools of water or moisture. Drain stagnant waters, and dry your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. For damp basements and attics, use a humidifier and ensure that all gutters and downspouts are properly functioning.

3. Put Away The Food!

Leftover and uncovered food will draw ants to your kitchen. Wipe down the surfaces and keep your kitchen tidy. Also, store your food in sealed containers and avoid spills on the floors. Wipe sugar dishes and honey jars and ensure there are no sticky sugars on the surface or lids. Lastly, use trash bins with lids and dispose of garbage often.

4. Deal With Access Points

Ants can use various spots to access your home. These can be bushes and cracks on services outside your house. Trim all the plants and flowers, and ensure that no wayward branches are leaning on your roof, windows, or doors. Also, seal cracks on the walls, and pay special attention to places where utility pipes enter.

5. Check Your Pet Bowls

Pets can easily invite ants into the home. For instance, their food and water bowls can act as a breeding ground for pests. Keep them clean and wipe spilled foods regularly. Moreover, store dry food in sealed containers instead of paper bags. Ants and other pests can easily access them since they can get through tiny openings.

6. Don’t go DIY-Seek Professional Help.

Dealing with ants can be an endless battle if you lack the right expertise and tools. It’s best to engage a specialist to eliminate the pests. Again, some pests like the carpenter ants can cause significant damage to your furniture if not properly treated. The less dangerous ants aren’t good either. They can contaminate your food, which poses a health hazard to you and your loved ones.

Why hire professionals? They have the right equipment, tools, and chemicals. Also, they know the best procedures to employ depending on the type of ants. Ant specialists also understand proper safety practices and will use appropriate safety gear to avoid poisoning.

How Can I Get The Best Ant Control Company?

With the many pest specialists available, choosing the best can be overwhelming. Seek recommendations from friends and colleagues, and you’ll get a list to guide you. Don’t only rely on referrals; plan for an interview, and learn more about the company. The best service provider is licensed with vast experience and teams for the task. The company also has adequate equipment to eliminate the ants for good.

In summary

If you’re dealing with ants in your home, identify their breeding spots and deal with that. This helps avoid ant infestations in the future. It’s also best to engage ant specialists. They will eliminate the pests and advise you on how to prevent them from invading your home. However, only hiring a reputed company for this ensures quality services.

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