The Four Unique Types Of Roofs

Roofs are the shelters to your comfort and happiness and make your house a home. They keep the warmth and comfort of your home protected while blocking the cold harsh breezes that carry curses of life with them. Roofs are not only a physical barrier, but they also give a mental sense of comfort and belonging. After hours spent in schools and offices, all you need is a warm abode that blankets all your troubles and stress away and truly brings you home. You never really understand the importance of a strong roof until damage to it leaves you calling hundreds of professional roof repairers for help.

Here are some unique roof designs with their pros and cons, to bring to you a glimpse of the wonders of the literal and metaphorical shelter above your head.

Butterfly Roof

These are fairly modern designs whose name attracts people automatically, having a nice ring to them. They were originally built to capture rainwater in the central basin of the roof in between the two slopes facing each other. This precious water was then used to flush toilets, clean the house, or boiled and distilled to use for cooking purposes. This design provides a lot of sunlight and ventilation but the only setback is the trouble in drainage. Water collects on the surface and if it is not meant to be used, draining it can be very hard. In areas that receive snow or storms, these roofs can cause a lot of problems. Leaves and dirt and water easily accumulate on the roof surface and this roof design offers less protection to the house.

Flat Roof

Contrary to the name, flat roofs have a slight tilt to them to allow the drainage of water. They are cheaper to install as the material cost and labor cost are less. Moreover, there is a low risk of damage in installing flat roofs and the task can be done quickly so the installation price is low. These roofs are also durable that resist strong winds and rainwater and are not easily damaged. However, it has its disadvantages as well. A flat roof is perceived as less stylish by many. It also gives a claustrophobic effect inside, whereby it gives less space in the room compared to a normal roof. Lastly, flat roofs also have less insulation. But, the flat space above can be made into patios or rooftop gardens or cute little private spaces to sit in at night and stare at the stars.

M-Shaped Roof

These are double gable roofs featuring two sloped sides that meet in the middle. These roofs offer ‘extra space’ where the peaks can be created into attics or storage rooms. They allow a lot of natural light to pass through and are perceived as being stylish and modern.

Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof or a barn roof provides additional headroom in the attic and is easy to build. It is a cost-effective design that has a very good drainage quality. It is very easy to build and gives a classic and traditional touch to the modernism of life to bring back a small part of your childhood. It offers a lot more space compared to normal roofs and if you are looking for good roof designs while staying on a budget, this design would be perfect.

There are many more bizarre and useful roofs out there that may just blow your mind. Sitting down and researching on them before you call for roof services can be a good idea for you to have exactly what you desired.

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