How to Start the Remote Start Generators

Traditional generators were difficult to start. They get designed with a rope that users pull any time they want them to function. However, technology has brought us to change today. We no longer employ a rope to start our new version generators. Today, we have remote start generators in the market. They have substituted the traditional options big. With these options, starting them is accomplished from your comfort zone.

But then, how are these machines started? Most people out there lack ideas about the functionality of remote starter generators. Worry less; this article serves as the best cover for people who don’t understand going about it. We shall first guide how to install the starter kit and then follow the main topic according to generatorgeek find more information about it.

How to Start the Remote Start Generators

Compared to the traditional options, remote start generators make the most user-friendly machines around. Moreover, they are more advanced and convenient than others. You can turn them on whether from your RV or even at home. Generally, they got designed to remove the hassles of starting them while closest at them. 

How to Start the Remote Start Generators

But what is the approach to starting these generators? Let’s begin by enlightening readers on how the starter kits get installed. After which, we shall enlighten them on how to start the machines from their comfort zone. 

Installing the Remote Starter Kit

Step One: Locating the Start Connector

This is your starting point when undertaking this project. As usual, you will get all the project necessities and wait for D-Day. Go straight to the control panel, and there you will find the start connector. At the connector, there is a plug that you will remove to allow a continual installation process. 

Step Two: Inserting the Connector

Remotes have different connectors. However, common options have 6-prong connectors. Hold the connector and insert it into your start unit. 

Step Three: Deal with the Backing

Your third step entails removing the backing. But before accomplishing that, you should locate the backing. Normally, you will get the backing at the back side of your unit. Remove the backing from the loop strips and hook before you continue to the next stage. 

Step Four: Deal with the Nut

There is a nut located on the side of your unit battery. Mostly, you will find the nut on the positive side of the battery. However, other models have their nuts located far off to the start panel of the generator. Unscrew the nut and create a connection by joining the wire from your remote to the battery’s positive cable. Screw the nut back into its place and make it a bit tight.  

Step Five: Turning on the Key Switch

Complete the project by turning on the unit key switch. However, accomplishing this step depends on your start kit type. Most models designed by manufacturers are specially for wired remote starts. For such models, there is a need to maintain them turned on until the activation process completes. 

This professional guide will lead you through the installation process even without getting guidance from anybody. However, if things seem complicated, feel free to consult an expert in the field. You can as well contact the remote start manufacturer to provide you a guide to accomplish such a project. Now, how do you start these machines?

How to Start the Remote Start Generators

After completing the activation process, you are now a happy person. Imagine, you will start as well as shut off your generator from your comfort. Whenever you need to start a generator, you just need to press the start button of the remote. Automatically signals get sent to the generator control system to start the engine. 

However, you can’t just start the machine from anywhere you are. There is a distance that the remote covers sending the signals. So, how far can a person operate a remote start generator from?

Typically, the operating distance varies with the remote model you have. There exist models that can work distances of hundred meters away from the generator. However, others cover smaller signal ranges of something around 20 meters. Standard options are common in the market work from a distance of between thirty and forty meters away. 

Safety Precautions of Remote Start Generators

 The remote start generators are special innovations indeed. Cases of pulling a rope to start them are totally eliminated. For continuous and long-term service, you need to maintain your generator the best as possible. Ensure you place it in the safest place in your compound. 

Moisture is a threat to generators and several equipment in our homes. Therefore, ensure the machines are in dry places. This will prevent forms of corrosion that will later damage them. Consequently, ensure you place the generators in places unharmed by animals as well as insects. 

You should not place the generator in your living space. Most of these places are poorly ventilated. Generators produce a certain level of noise and exhaust. Therefore, you must place yours in an area these agents won’t disturb you. 

Proper care is paramount for you to get a long-term service from your generator. Batteries, for instance, are essential components in remote start generators. Ensure you change or charge them when they get depleted. 

Oil change is also another essential thing to note when you have a remote start generator. Carry out regular spark plug inspections and air filter replacements as well. When you want to store your generator for an extended period, ensure the gas tank remains empty throughout this period. Likewise, you can employ a fuel stabilizer if you intend to store it with gas in it. 


Understanding how to start the remote start generators starts from the installation of the starter kits. Complete the activation as the manual states. After that, just make a try and don’t get surprised. These generators substitute the traditional versioned options with just this advanced feature. With them, you will enjoy starting from your comfort.