The Common Toilet Challenges And Their Solution

Among the busiest and the most used spaces in the home is the bathroom. The bathroom is the dampest zone that receives water all through the day. If the water content stays for long, it will result in foul odor and even clogged pipes. 

With all this situation, it becomes hard to give the bathroom the right look that you want. Common bathroom problems are reported even in the most well-designed bathrooms. 

These problems are not too challenging, especially when you are a vigilant homeowner and know how to manage the issues. 

Here is the list of the problems that you may witness in your bathroom. 


Toilets can get clogged due to several reasons. The most reported reasons include the toilet position and the pipe fittings. 

Choose the proper alignment between the toilet and the bowl position to avoid further clogging. 

For this, you need to get the sewer pipes in the correct size. Ensure that the bends are minimized so that there is no risk of clogging in the pipes due to the curves and turns. 

Sink Stains And Odors 

After the toilets, the sinks are an integral part of the toilets. The sink is the most used element in the washroom. 

We often think that this compact space is required for only brushing the teeth and washing the hands. The sinks contribute to the overall look of the toilets. 

The watermarks on the surface can have adverse impacts on the appearance of the bathroom. If the things change from white watermarks to molds and mildews, it can also cause a foul smell. 

The problem is reported, especially when the sink has complex lines and designs to handle. Thus, to keep away all the stains, it is better to choose simple design sinks. 

Foul Smell

If you did not consider the ventilation matters while planning, creating, and then using the bathroom, a foul smell would be waiting for you. 

The sulfur-like smell is there all over the toilet if it is not appropriately ventilated. The options include adding an exhaust fan. 

Slipping And Tripping 

Constant water presence on the floor means that you are at risk. The pool of standing water makes the surface slippery. 

You can experience slipping and tripping at any moment. Thus, to make sure that no accident occurs due to water, ensure that there is no water left on the floor after using the space. Anti-slip coating on the floor and foot mats can assist too. 

Peeling Walls

Creepy Crawlies 

Like other domestic premises, you will witness the growth of the creepy crawlies too on the bathroom floors. 

These tiny creatures can come from nowhere to bother you. Make sure to use the insecticides regularly. Block the possible inlets so that no insects will come into the bathroom. 

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