Stuck With Old and Tired Housewares? Upgrade for Spring 2022

Are you feeling stuck with old and worn-out household items? If so, there is a simple solution to your problem. Get new stuff! Upgrading the things that make your house a home plays an important role in how you feel while you are at home.

So, read on to learn how you can upgrade your home this spring season. 


There are several things in your home, making it intimidating to sort through and figure out what you want to upgrade this year. It is typically best to break things down into categories like bedrooms, kitchen, basement, and living room, giving you a better idea of what you want and how to organize your priorities. 

The Bedroom 

Let’s start with your bedroom. The place where you relax, sleep, and emotionally/mentally prepare for, or unwind from, your day. Take a look around and try to find things that are worn out, outdated, or boring, this could include things like sheets, lamps, and other practical items like light bulbs. 


Sheets are one of those things that you either constantly wish you had a better version of, or you never think about them except on laundry day. In reality, these may be one of the most used items you own. Think about it, you use them almost every night of the year. So, go out and grab a set of the most comfortable sheets you can find and enjoy blissful nights of sleep all year long.

Color Changing Light Bulbs 

Lightbulbs are not often a thing you think about. They are typically just a necessity that provides light to your room, but did you know you can get light bulbs that can be any color? It is as simple as opening up an app and choosing your colors. Adding this element to your bedroom can make it an entirely new relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The Kitchen 

Next up is the kitchen. If you cook a lot, this should be high on the priority list. Whether you like to cook or not, it can often feel like a chore that you simply do not want to do, it takes forever, it gets hot, and it can be frustrating when things go wrong. So, turn that narrative around and get new kitchen gear that makes you excited to get in there and cook. Here are a couple of examples. 

Pots and Pans 

Pots and pans can make or break any kitchen experience. They need to heat up the right way, keep food from sticking to them and let’s be honest, look good. So, why not replace your old pans that barely work with an entirely new cookware set that works great and looks fantastic? After all, it is another item that you will use almost every single day. 


Perhaps the most sought-after appliance of at-home chefs is the KitchenAid. While it may not be a necessity, it makes life a whole lot easier. Being able to easily mix large batches of batter and dough will make your home the go-to spot for any party occasion. Cookies and cakes are no longer a chore, but an excuse to use your favorite kitchen item. 


Have you had the same silverware since the first time you bought it? It may be time to upgrade to something you will enjoy more. You could go with gold, black, matte black, or classic silver and choose from many designs. It is the perfect simple upgrade for this spring season. 

The Basement/Man Cave/Game Room

Moving on to the basement, or man cave, or game room, or whatever you like to use it for. That lovely room at the bottom of your home is often where dad goes to relax, where the kids go to play, or where mom can go to get away from it all. So, whatever it is to you, here are a few things that may make it all the more relaxing, enjoyable, and fun.

Convertible Bean Bag Chair 

Have you ever heard of a bean bag chair that can convert into a plush bed? Well, they exist, and they are awesome. It is the perfect unique addition to any basement. The kids will love to sit on a giant bean bag as they play their games, your guests will marvel at its uniqueness, and you can go downstairs and take a nice undisturbed nap. It is a great way to spice things up. 

Neon Signs 

This one is more for the basements that serve as game rooms and man caves. Neon signs are always a great addition, as they add color to the room, bring interest to the walls, and make it feel completely different than the other rooms in your home. 

The Living Room 

Finally, the living room. Your living room should be the centerpiece of your entire house, connecting each room in theme and comfort. This can’t be done without a good couch and the simple touch of a well-chosen area rug. 

A New Sectional 

Maybe your couch has seen better days. This is natural as they often get plenty of use. Especially if you have kids. So, pick out a new sectional for yourself. Sectionals are often the perfect size and style for any room. They offer the ability to lay down, sit up straight, and everything in between. Just make sure that the color and style are up to your standards.

A New Area Rug 

With a new couch often comes the need for a new area rug. Area rugs serve as the perfect accent to your couch, tying it in with the rest of the furniture in your home. Having a harmonious combo of couch and rug can make the room feel cozy, welcoming, and exactly how you want it to. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are tired of your old and worn-out housewares, simply start making upgrades this spring. Whether you want to beef up your basement, cozy up your bedroom, or make your living room and kitchen better than ever, take the time to figure out what you want most and get it! 


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