Should You Lay Your Own Patio Paving Or Hire A Professional?

Patios have been popular in Spain and other parts of Europe for well over a hundred years if not longer. But, it wasn’t until the mid-1900s that outdoor seating areas such as patios started to become more commonplace in the US.

One study looking at the top 10 features that home buyers find most important showed that patios are highly desired. This importance is also shown in the number of new builds that come with patios already installed. From 2011 to 2021, more new homes have been built with patios each year. This culminated in 63% of all new home builds having a pre-installed patio in 2021.

One reason for the rise in the popularity of outdoor spaces is said to be the emergence of remote working. With more people spending extended time at home, the garden has taken on a bigger role in daily life. As desirable as it is to have a patio installed, is it wise to do it yourself though, or use professional firms?

Can you lay a patio yourself?

DIY has possibly never been as popular as it is today. The pandemic saw a flurry of DIY activity as individuals finally got around to tackling long-put-off repairs and projects. Despite millions of people priding themselves on their DIY skills, certain jobs are best left to professionals.

In fact, some tasks are illegal to carry out without licensing depending on the region or county you live in. Other projects are simply too dangerous to undertake without the right equipment and training.

But, the truth is, you could lay your own patio if you had the inclination. How good a result you will get will be down to many factors, and there are potential pitfalls to be had when laying pavers. If you use companies such as Paving Shopper then you can benefit from their knowledge and experience. For example, paver companies will understand the best materials to fit your budget and requirements.

Benefits of using a professional paver company

Part of the pleasure of DIY is the sense of accomplishment that comes after a project is finished well. Some people enjoy planning projects and then seeing them through. For a patio, you could sketch out a design, work on outdoor lighting ideas, and consider features such as a covering or a BBQ station.

But, when it comes to the actual hard work, installing a patio can involve more than was anticipated, and may be too much for one person. Here are some benefits and perhaps reasons why you may prefer to use a professional paving company.

You will receive a warranty/guarantee

Selecting the right paver company should result in some kind of quality assurance. You could expect to receive some form of warranty on your patio but the length varies from company to company, so it is worth shopping about.

They work within your budget

You are unlikely to have the same understanding of the total costs of installing a patio as an experienced paver will. If you get a fixed quote from a paving company then you can work to a set budget. If you install the patio yourself it could cost more than you expected.

If you are set on carrying out the work yourself then you can calculate the cost to install a patio online, but this should be treated as an estimate. If you work to your budget you could reap the benefits later on. A patio that is properly installed can see an ROI of 80% plus.

They understand the climate

There are plenty of choices when shopping for paving stones, but not all of them are suitable for every climate. If you use a professional paver then they will know which materials will cope best in your location.

There may be excavating involved

Patios need level bedding so that pavers are laid evenly. In some cases, this can mean excavation and landscaping, and even mean heavy machinery is needed. 

There are plenty of DIY resources on the net, but landscaping tips for beginners might not be enough here. Unless you have access to the right equipment, and the experience required, you may need to call professional pavers in.

What are the perils in laying pavers yourself?

Laying pavers and installing a patio can seem fairly simple, but if it isn’t done properly then problems can emerge later on. The main problem is going to be a lack of experience and knowledge in paving.

As mentioned before, a professional paver will be able to recommend the right materials and carry out the work to budget. They can explain the benefits of porcelain paving over another paver for your patio, and if they do make mistakes then they are responsible for rectifying them.

Mistakes that are often made with paving involve void bedding, unevenly laid stones, and drainage issues. Pavers may need to be cut, and this is best done by someone with the proper tools and experience. And, you may not realize just how long it will take to install a patio. Laying a patio can be an arduous task for the solo DIYer and even professionals can take days just to prepare the base.


You can easily find guides on how to lay paving stones, and install a patio on the net. There are YouTube videos showing just how to lay a patio. But, an ill-designed patio will cause more harm than good. Repairs may be necessary, and the costs could add up.

Using a professional paving company does away with all the hard graft, and comes with a guarantee that the work will be properly carried out.