What To Do If My AC Isn’t Cooling?

We have seen a lot of people facing this problem at some point or the other. It generally becomes very tough during the summer months due to the intense heat. It gets very irritating if your AC stops working then, but this can occur. If you want to minimize its occurrence, you need to get your air conditioner checked from time to time.

If your air conditioner is not cooling the house or you think any part of the system has broken, immediately get in touch with any experts in air conditioning repair in Phoenix.  

We would further discuss some reasons as to why we think your AC is not cooling the house.

The Air Filters Might Have Become Dirty

We have noticed the most common reason why an AC might not cool the house can be maybe because its air filters have become dirty. If the filters are dirty or blocked with dirt or dust, it can result in some problems. It might obstruct the thermostat from properly functioning. Dirt and dust in the filters end up blocking the passage of both warm and cool air inside the ducts. The evaporator coil can also freeze due to this.

One can avoid this issue if the filters get checked regularly, and if they are clogged, one should get them changed.

The Outdoor Unit Might Be Dirty

The condenser is the unit that cools the warm air into cold air. Dirt, algae and mold, and insects can stop the heat transfer. A blocked condenser does not allow your AC to cool the air properly. If you are confused and are searching for ways to fix this issue, you can contact an expert in air conditioning repair in Phoenix. They will clean the condenser by removing the dirt and debris that surrounds it. Hire them and get your condenser regularly cleaned to avoid problems like this in the future.

The Thermostat Settings Might Be Wrong

Another thing you can do is if your AC is not cooling, carefully check the thermostat settings of your AC. It will be an issue if your AC blows out cold air and then lukewarm air. If you ever face something like this, change the settings to auto mode. Always let the thermostat be on auto mode to avoid your AC from not cooling the room.

There Might Be A Problem In The Compressor

A compressor is a basic unit of an air conditioner. It controls the movement of refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser. Thus, if your compressor gets broken, it will be unable to cool the air properly. If you think your compressor is damaged, you immediately need to replace it with the help of a professional.

The Motor Might Be Damaged

If the motor stops working properly, it will interfere with the outdoor unit, and it will be incapable of dissipating heat. This will hamper the cooling ability of your AC. It will be best if you hire a professional for this and help him handle this. If your house is located in and around Phoenix, we have a solution for you. You can immediately contact any famous air conditioning repair in Phoenix to help you resolve the issue in no time.


If you want your air conditioner to work well throughout the year, make sure you get it checked once every three months by some professional, and if you find any part damaged, get it replaced as soon as possible. But, if your AC is unmaintained, it will unnecessarily increase your electricity bills without cooling the rooms properly. So, getting your AC checked regularly will enhance its efficiency.