Reasons why you are losing TikTok followers

If you start losing followers on TikTok you’re most likely wondering why you are losing followers. Also, you’re probably in a frantic search for finding out the reasons behind it.

There are so many things that could cause craters to lose followers. Among them, so many more are under the direct control of the creator and some aren’t related to them at all.

In this post, you’re going to be discussing some of the most obvious reasons why a person could lose TikTok followers and what are the things that you can do to prevent them and the reasons that are behind it.

Before we get started, we want to mention one more thing if you read somewhere that it’s because you bought followers. That’s most likely not true. Because we’ve seen so many people growing their TikTok account with the followers they buy online. 

Well, buying followers might have an effect in some situations. In the majority of the situation, they don’t really have any effect on whether you lose your followers or not. This has to do more with the things that we’re going to discuss starting from the next chapter


Now there are many reasons why one account could be losing followers especially if you’re losing them at an accelerated rate. The one obvious thing that happens with pretty much every single platform that does this is the fact that they’ve bought bot followers.

While both followers may help you to increase the number of followers you have and in a way give off this authority that you have more followers than you actually deserve. They can get deleted and when they do, you lose them.

So this is one of the most obvious reasons to lose followers because you’ve bought followers. But how do you stop this or prevent this very thing to happen even if you bought some bots?

Well if you bought bots, there is but little you can do to prevent them from falling off of your accounts. But you can make sure to not buy but for this, you need a platform that you can trust. You need a platform that sells not just any TikTok followers but high-quality ones. 

Well, it’s not hard to find a platform you will have to look for it and do your own research so we decided we’re going to include one we know for sure works so that you wouldn’t have to spend any more of your time doing that research.

Feedpixel is one example of such a legit and authoritative platform that sells high-quality TikTok followers that even when the algorithm hunts the followers theirs are going to be staying on your account. 

Plus they have some of the highest quality followers with the most competitive pricing and great service. So it’s a great platform to keep in mind and buy tiktok followers if you ever want to increase the follower’s number after you’ve lost them.


Have you ever heard the term Shadowbanned? If you have not then there is some bad news for you because it is one of the reasons why you could be losing followers.

However if you’ve heard about it then you know that this is the real thing and that many accounts usually get Shadowbanned.

This is not something new or a new terminology in the world of social media marketing and especially tiktok. Because platforms usually do that to send the new creators to sort of like a test field where they can check if they have quality content if they are determined and for other such things that you’re not going to go deep into.

But the whole idea behind that is to simply check if the whole account is worth being on the platform and it’s worth sharing their content on the platform. 

Although this might seem like a bad idea and bad thing to happen for an account to get banned, it is not really that bad. Because once you are out of this Shadow ban your account is going to be flying literally. 

It’s going to take off like an airplane or maybe even better because all the videos all the content everything you put on to this account were on sort of like a hold. 

But they’re going to be all released at the same time which gives you a huge boost on your account. That’s why if you ever get Shadow banned you shouldn’t really worry. You just should focus on content and making it better so that when you are released you could be growing like crazy.


Another reason for you to lose followers is simply the content. This doesn’t mean the type of content that you used to make in the beginning, in fact it’s the very opposite of that. 

It means that in the beginning or earlier than the current moment at the present you were making better content. Now your content has become worse and the quality decreased. 

Now it might be a bit harsh to say that your quality decreased, but if you’re losing followers then this is the next most likely thing to suspect. 

Because why else would people be unfollowing you if they were still interested in your content?. So this is why you need to make sure to always keep making the best quality content.

In most cases what happens is that a certain video brings more followers than the other. So in those cases, you know which video brought you the most followers, views and likes, etc. 

So you need to capitalize on that knowledge and keep making those types of videos over and over again. This will not only help you gain more followers faster but also prevent you from losing followers due to the kind of content you’re making. 

Because it could also be that you’ve accrued followers that weren’t really interested in your niche because you’ve made something that was interesting for them at one point which you’re not making that anymore. 

So the quality might still be the same it could be that you’re making a different kind of video for other types of people. Overall regardless of the type or the niche you are making the video for. You should always try to give it your best and make it the absolute rock of content you can imagine.

Because otherwise sooner or later you’re going to start losing followers it’s just that you just have to gain enough of the followers that matter to you, So that you wouldn’t mind losing others once you get there.

New algorithm update

Another very possible thing that could happen with TikTok creators then they’re losing their followers is the algorithm update. 

Now unlike Google when TikTok releases new updates it’s not going to announce it until the whole world that it’s going to change this, that. Even Google in most cases can’t really announce it until it’s all been released. 

But usually, they at least try to let the most fanatic people know that there’s going to be a new update. Whereas titkok just works silently without ever letting anybody know about their new updates in upcoming and everything. 

All of a sudden they come out announcing that hey we have this new update now,  although that update could have been activated months before they are announced. 

Now it is normal for the creator you wouldn’t know when it was activated and when it was not so if you are hit by an algorithm update then there’s not much to worry about except to really adapt to how the algorithm is now behaving. 

For that, you need to keep up to date with the platform’s algorithms on TikTok or any other social media, even Google. If you want to make money on TikTok then it’s going to be part of your job to be aware and up to date with what’s happening and what could possibly happen in the future with the platform. 

This is the only way you can prevent future hits because then you would know if and when they’re going to make new updates and you’re going to be prepared for those updates.

Not following trends

Another reason that’s most likely causing you to lose followers is perhaps you’re not following the trends. Following trends has been among the most given advice to new TikTok creators. 

Because then you’re following trance you’re up there with the latest trends making content having people watch your content like and follow and all that stuff you know. If you’re not following trance the TikTok algorithm might think that you’re not making entertaining content or as entertaining as the trends are. 

Because TikTok is a platform of trance it comes and goes, there are so many trends that in fact wouldn’t really be possible to follow all of them for any greater than any given time. But it would be possible for craters to follow trends that are relevant and interesting to their niche and accounts. 

That’s what you should do to prevent losing followers following trends that are in your niche and are interesting for potential viewers. Of course, you could be losing followers for a number of other reasons that you discussed before and we’re going to discuss more but to prevent further losses it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So apart from following all the other advice you should also follow this one and keep up to date with the trends, not just the algorithms.

Too broad 

Another one of the reasons that many people seem to lose tiktok followers is when they go too broad. Do you remember the first time you wanted to open a tiktok account? Do you remember how nervous you were about choosing a certain niche?. You probably do.

So you know that choosing a niche was an important aspect of the process of creating a tiktok account. It’s due to that perhaps reason that you grew quickly or perhaps you used other methods like buying tiktok followers or other means of achieving the same results. Regardless, once you are there you might have probably forgotten about whom you were making the videos first.

This means that if you started out as a channel that focuses on niche x, then you were supposed to keep making videos that were focused on the same niche. Except some people once they get a thousand or a few thousand followers but perhaps more, they try to change the niche and go brother.

While going broad is not a bad idea nor is it a bad strategy it just has to be executed with the right plan and the right content. If you fail to do so. You’re definitely going to lose not just a few followers but more than a few. If you are losing. Then you already know that you need to analyze that perhaps you might already be facing the consequences of going too abroad.

To wrap up

To wrap up there could be so many other things that you were doing wrong which is causing you to lose followers on tiktok.

It’s not just that you’ve probably bought some bots or have been shadow banned, it could also be the case then there is a new algorithm update or perhaps you’re not making as good of a content as used to. You could have even gone too broad and forgot about your niche. And a number of other possible scenarios which we didn’t really think to include in this list because they weren’t  the most regular ones.

Yet regardless of what’s causing you to lose followers, if you follow a few tips and tricks that we’ve laid out throughout the article which we will remind again here you will make sure that you won’t be losing followers at all.

So make sure to buy genuine followers only from the legit platforms. Plus be consistent and always publish the best content. You must be aware of the new algorithm updates and what’s happening on tiktok in general that’s only going to help you. 

Plus always put your audience first the ones that you started making content for after all it’s that niche that brought you the most followers and the views and the likes.