Top 2 Waterproofing Techniques Used Nowadays

Modern waterproofing has transformed the industry over the years. The growth of cities and the need for effective waterproofing technology has replaced existing waterproofing systems with new and effective waterproofing systems.

Discusses the application of new waterproofing systems, their uses, benefits and concerns with the best results. For most waterproofing problems, just a waterproof or chemical system isn’t enough. A combination of materials and technologies is required to make a building appear unobtrusive. Basically, there are two main types of waterproofing techniques that can solve the problem of waterproofing.

Flexible Membrane Waterproofing Techniques (Liquid-Applied)

This technique is the most popular water-based membrane system that is used today. Waterproofing membranes can be effective on vertical or horizontal surfaces as well as under positive or negative water pressure. However, due to water pressure and stress, it is important to use different types and strengths of the membrane as needed.

Waterproofing contractors in Singapore can use built-in waterproofing technology for Terrace waterproofing, Basement waterproofing, Terrace Gardens, Water tanks, and sunken areas such as kitchens & bathrooms. While the protective cover would be different for different situations, for example, a terrace garden needs a protective layer rather than a waterproof cover. They can control contrast and elongation to measure chemical composition.

Both are important because the temperature of the house increases with changes in temperature. Another important thing to look at is whether or not the membrane is vapour permeable. Otherwise, the membrane prevents the uptake of the material, which can block any structures.

The most common anti-ageing methods for flexible membrane systems are:

  • Surface preparations: use a brush, broom, and detergent to clean the surface. to remove all dirt, grease, dust, etc.
  • Fill all cracks, gaps, etc. and remove all honey modifiers or additives
  • Using a double layer of liquid makes the skin elastic on top. If necessary, use gauze tape.
  • Depending on conditions and problems, plaster or cement coating.

Benefits of a flexible membrane waterproofing system:

  • The best way to provide a waterproof solution
  • Do not obstruct the breathing structures
  • It can be used for waterproofing problems
  • Availability at different levels and types
  • The application of this method is simple

Silicone Waterproof Technology

To protect the vertical area from rain, this method can be used. Concrete has small openings and many capillaries are formed during production. These holes in the capillaries make the material uncomfortable and therefore will fall into the water.

The water barrier is based on silicon crystals that form a barrier and prevent liquids from forming. However, these materials are not suitable for standing water, because silicon crystals break when constant water pressure is applied.

The most common anti-ageing methods for sensitive skin systems are:

  • Surface preparations: use a brush, broom, and detergent to clean the surface. to remove all dirt, grease, dust, etc.
  • Fill all cracks, gaps, etc. and dispose of honey with impurities or solids.
  • Apply a chemical with silicone and use a scrub or brush.

Benefits of Silicone Waterproof Technology:

  • Adjust the power level to protect the surface from water
  • Easy to use
  • The penetration is good for a few mm
  • Non-film-forming
  • Mixing of air and water vapour
  • It can be used with any water purifier


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