Can You Paint Your House Any Color? (Expert Advice)

Your home has been the same dull cream color for almost ten years, and you are sick of it and want to jazz it up some. The thing is, though, when it comes to painting the outside of your home, it’s not always as simple as house painting the inside. Depending on where you live, you may require permission for any modification or changes to your home. While it may be your property and has no significance to anyone else, there are times when you need official authorization. 

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Most of the time, you won’t need to get permission and can do whatever you want. You can paint your home exterior, gardens, fences, and other outdoor buildings any color you want without having to have consent, official authorization, or submit a notice. However, if you live in a listed building, even painting the outside of your door may get you in trouble. 

Do You Need Permission To Change The Color Of Your Home?

Planning rules called permitted development rights to allow for specific development categories that you don’t need planning permission, even if you live in a conservative area. However, if you live in areas with a homeowners association or all homes are painted similar colors, it changes the character if it has a particular architectural or historic interest. 

An example of this is if you live in a fairly traditional street and decide to paint your entire home bright colors, there’s a good chance your neighbors won’t like it. They may believe that it lowers the property values, or they don’t like your color. If they go to the local authorities and if they agree with them you’ll receive notice that you need to repaint it. You could repeal the decision, but you must comply if the court doesn’t side with you. 

Why Can They Do This – It’s My Home

You’d think since it’s your home and should be your decision, and technically you’re right. In most areas, this is the case, and you can do whatever you want. Nevertheless, if you consider going through with it, you should really think about it, especially if the color could be regarded as controversial. 

You may not be breaking any laws and won’t face any penalties even if your neighbors and local authorities don’t like it. But for the sake of keeping your life simple and not having neighbors angry at you, it makes sense to try to avoid these problems in the first place. 

What Colors Should I Avoid When Painting My House?

Painting your house is an inexpensive way to give it a whole new look and bring up its value. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of house painting the exterior of a house is $3,048. However, if you choose the wrong shade, you may regret it later and bring down its value.  

Before hiring a contractor, check out the list below of the worst colors to paint your home.

  • Pink is a color you see on historical homes and during the 50s, but in the 2000s, this isn’t the case. If your heart is set on pink, choose a dusty color and avoid cotton candy shades.
  • Yellow is one of those colors that people either love or hate. Because of this, if you’re considering selling your home, you may want to avoid it. If you’re going to stick with yellow, consider one a shade or two brighter than the one you like because yellow is prone to fading. 
  • Beige used to be one of the most popular colors during the 80s and ‘90s, but now people are bored. If you don’t want to change the color, you can paint your front door a brighter color and place planters on the side of the doors to break it up.
  • Cream, while being a neutral color, can be a deterrent, especially if you live in a  snowy climate because it can appear dirty and dingy. If you love the color, add some deep colors such as blue or maroon to appear brighter. 
  • Green is one of the most popular colors right now to paint your home. However, it can be tricky to pick the right shade. When using green, make sure your trim is black or white. 
  • Brown is one of the worst colors to paint your home and can bring your home’s value down by almost $2,000. 

When choosing paint colors, it’s essential to consider how well it retains its color long-term. Many exterior house painting products claim they have excellent color retention, and with today’s technology, it can help it last longer. However, some colors fade quicker than others.

Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors For Your House

If you’re wondering how to choose the right color to paint your house below, we have a few suggestions. Most importantly, when selecting a color, don’t pick one just because it’s on sale or because your painter can get you a deal.

Begin with what you can’t change

You don’t plan to change some colors, such as your roof, windows, soffits, gutters, and stonework. These areas should help you choose your color palette. If you don’t work with them, you can expect the house to look off. If your soffits are gutters and soffits are red, you should balance that out by selecting warmer shades. 

Balance out the colors

Avoid a single color on just one part of your home; otherwise, you may end up with a lopsided appearance. Instead, strive to balance the colors over the entire house. While some experts say you should use matching colors, others suggest contrasting shades; go with your personal preference or ask a professional for suggestions. 

Consider which way your home faces

Natural light affects the color of your home. If you have a lot of landscaping that blocks natural light, the color will appear darker than it is. However, if your house faces north, you can expect the direct sunlight to make the color look brighter, while south-facing homes make the color appear darker. When choosing a color, make sure to take paint samples on all sides of your home. 

Should You Hire A Professional To Paint Your House?

There are many reasons you should hire a professional painter for one because house painting your house can be time-consuming and ever-dangerous if you don’t know how to use the equipment. They also save you time and provide quality work. If you make a mistake, you’re the one that’s going to have to fix it. Professionals can also help you choose the best colors for your house. 

Painting a house requires much more than just buying some paint and brushes. To paint a house properly, you may need specific equipment depending on your home’s unique needs, such as spraying tools, patching tools, ladders, or scaffolding. Professional painters will have the necessary tools and ensure that your home is painted right the first time. 

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