5 Ways To Add Victorian Style Tiles To Modern Homes

Antiques hold a certain allure that is hard to deny. Admiration for the past, the perceived luxury, and elegance, it hard to ignore. But no one is properly comfortable in a cluttered home, and filling it with antiques will make your home more of a museum than a living space. At the same time, minimalist homes and kitchen wall tiles with no personal touches at all feel more like furniture store than a place that is being lived in by real people. To add some character to your home, it’s important to choose a style that works as well in a modern home as it did in the past. Victorian tiles are one such option. Read on for five unique ways you can use Victorian tiles to jazz up your space and express yourself, without ruining the cohesion of your interior design.

Patterned Paths

Geometric patterns never really went out of style, and work really well with current interior trends. A leading style of Victorian tiles was a black and white geometric design that can easily be incorporated in a way that suits your style. Why not try a patterned path leading up to your home, or winding through your garden? Victorian tiles make a great choice for outdoor tiling and don’t need too much maintenance. A tiled outdoor patio gives you a way to enjoy your garden in style.

Victorian Bathrooms

Tile has always been the best choice for bathrooms, as they’re resistant to the effects of steam, condensation, and persistent wetness. You would tile all the walls in a simple design, but Victorian bathroom tiles offer a much more interesting use. Crafting a statement wall against which your bathtub or shower stands will be an elegant and eye-catching design that is sure to impress.

Statement Hallways

Hallways can seem difficult to style, especially when they’re not particularly spacious. That’s no reason to let them fall by the wayside when it comes to interior design, however. The hallway is the first impression guests will get of your home, and it should make a good one. Victorian tiles will definitely achieve that. From a black-and-white geometric pattern to some of the more intricate styles Victorians favoured, your hallway is the perfect canvas to add an interesting design to your home.

Tiled Kitchen 

Kitchens get a lot of use and need a lot of cleaning. That makes them the perfect candidate for tiling, especially as tiles are hard-wearing, and are easily mopped or wiped clean. Victorian tiles London make an excellent splashback behind your stove, while a chequerboard floor makes the space more interesting and eye-catching. 


Fireplaces have never gone out of style. You just can’t beat the warmth, the comforting smell of woodsmoke, and the light they provide. And there’s no reason why your fireplace should be plain. A simple, elegant bit of Victorian tiling makes an excellent addition to your cosy space.