9 Interesting Epoxy Resin DIY Project Ideas

One of the more exciting design styles of the modern world is that of epoxy resin.

The only thing that can limit what you create is your imagination by combining different colors and shapes.

You can get started relatively quickly, and if you are looking for information on how to start, you can check out acrylgiessen.com resin countertop guide for inspiration.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a thermoplastic polymer that can be formulated to create high-quality products. 

These products are durable and have excellent resilience, resisting damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, heat, moisture, and even oil and grease chemicals. 

The use of these resins is not limited to masonry structures, but they are commonly seen on pool decks, stairs, porches, and in bathrooms and shower stalls and, of course, countertops.

How do you use it?

There are several different ways to apply epoxy resin, depending on what is needed. When applying it to masonry surfaces, it is usually mixed with mineral spirits or wood thinners and then allowed to cure for a few hours before using a hardener. 

Once cured, you will see a hardening agent called a bonding agent to form a bond with the masonry block or board’s surface. 

Bonding agents can be applied both during the curing process and afterward by adding them to the hardening agents already used during the mixing process. 

Another method of applying the resin is by hardening it straight from the container and then using it to the area to be set.

9 Interesting epoxy resin ideas

This material is extremely versatile and has many different exciting applications.


Why not create some good looking coasters that exactly match your furniture. It is quite challenging to find coasters that match the look and feel of your tabletops.

You can really choose what colors to use or even find some beautiful flowers and completely encase them in clear epoxy.

This is an add on to the next idea.

Living room table

You can let your imagination run wild here and create something utterly unique to you and you alone!

For example, if there is a specific country you love, either through birth or travel, you could design an epoxy resin table in the shape of that location.

It is up to you how detailed you would like it, however, bear in mind that for more intricate details, which may require some specialized tooling.

Wall artwork

Hanging a piece of artwork that you have created on your wall is the ultimate expression of creativity.

By creating something eye-catching and unusual, you will be able to show off your DIY epoxy resin working skills and create a talking piece when guests visit.

Kitchen countertop

This seems to be the most popular project undertaken by DIY epoxy enthusiasts.

It creates a smooth surface that is easy to clean, looks impressive, and perfectly can withstand the rigors of hot metal and utensils.


This is perhaps the most straightforward project to begin with, as it is relatively short.

It involves most of the processes to create more extensive projects, 

Bar cart

This one is more involved than the humble tray, and more often than not, will involve some metalworking to create the frame.

The cart’s different levels will be made from the epoxy resin and nestled in the metal frame. It takes some technical skill to pull off, but the results can be exciting and, coupled with an epoxy bar, look stunning.


This project is a nice simple one to get started with. Essentially you will be molding shapes from the epoxy and then attaching them to a necklace of your choice.

They are also an extraordinary gift to give to a loved one as it will be unique, and the possibilities are endless.

Beer bottle cap bar table

Why not create an accompanying bar for your newly made bar cart!

You measure up the dimensions and take care to arrange the bottle tops in an aesthetically pleasing way, then pour over a clear epoxy resin.

General arts and craft items

If you are looking to spruce up your home in your style, then there are a myriad of different arts and craft projects you could undertake.

For example, if your house has a rustic feel to it, why not collect autumnal leaves and encase them in a nice piece of oak.

Or on either hand, if you have a modern vibe, why not create a clean, minimalist holder for your kitchen utensils.

The point is that the options are limitless.


Epoxy resin is a very flexible material that has many uses.

Attempting some DIY small DIY projects will help you to learn more about DIY in general and set you in good stead for creating larger projects in the future.