How to Choose the Right Curtain Top for your Home

Curtains not only give you shade and privacy but also enhance the aesthetics of your home. Here, we will help you choose the right curtain top for your home.

Generally, 7 types of curtain tops are used to hang curtains. Depending on the look you want in your home, you can choose them accordingly. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Rod Pockets

As the name suggests, these curtains feature pockets on the curtain top. The curtain rod goes under this pocket to keep the curtains hanging. 

This type of curtain heading is paired with light fabrics to bring a casual look. The fabric bunching will look more dramatic as more fabric is squeezed into the rod. 

This curtain header is often paired with dramatic ruffles and gives the room a formal, traditional look. This style is designed for stationary curtain panels and is held back using decorative tiebacks.


These curtain headers are also known as ringed or grommet curtain headers. The eyelet is either incorporated into the fabric or attached to the panel’s top to hang the curtains from curtain rods.

Unlike rod pockets, the curtain rods are kept exposed here. So the curtain rods are often made of appealing metals or decorative woods. 

These curtain headers give the room a contemporary, sleek, and casual country vibe. These curtains are easy to close and open. So, most homeowners use this type of curtains where they want easy access, like patio windows. 

Tab Top Curtains

These curtain headers utilize fabric loops from where the curtain rods are inserted. If the curtain fabric features unique patterns of prints, this is a great header to pair with the curtain.  

You can use these curtain headers if you want to have a casual country, cottage, or shabby chic vibe in your home. Tab top curtain headers are best used in stationary windows, and the curtain is often kept gathered or wrapped in tab style. 

Decorative sleeves are used around each tab to elevate the header design. This header style goes better with casual decor.

Pleated Curtain Tops

Pleated curtain tops have been used for quite some time, and their popularity has changed a lot over the years. These headings feature pleats at the top created with header tape. 

The curtain is often paneled by a traverse rod or hung on rintgs. Some homeowners use a cord-and-pulley system to open or close the curtains. This type of header gives the room a traditional, formal vibe.

There are several pleat styles are used in pleated curtain tops:

  • Pinch pleat
  • Goblet pleat
  • Pencil pleat
  • Inverted pleat
  • Box pleat
  • Cartridge pleat
  • Tuxedo pleat

Flat Panel Top

If you want your curtains to match any decor style, flat-panel top curtain headings are your best option. They utilize an elegant yet simple look with buckram. These curtain headers need to be paired with decorative curtain rods with ring clips.

Flowing Style

Flowing style curtain headers utilize a stylish, flowing curtain with droopy pleats attached to the rod using ring clips. The use of ring clips allows you to adjust the natural sag of the fabric as needed. Having more rings will result in less sagging while having fewer rings will cause more sagging.

Tie-top Curtains

The tie-top curtain header consists of the curtains attached to the rod by tying knots or bows. Therefore, this type of header is utilized for stationary panels. 

If you’re looking to achieve a romantic, bohemian, or chill vibe in your home, this is a great book for you.

Bottom Line

Curtains are a crucial part of your home decor. The curtain headers can drastically change the look of your home and influence access as well. So, be careful while choosing your curtain headers.

It is wise to chalk out the necessary features like the look, access, and curtain fabric before choosing the header. Then depending on the features, you are going for, you can easily choose the perfect curtain header for your home.

Humna Chaudhary
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