Plank Roof Decking

Roofing parts are keeping your home as damage-free as possible from the heavy rains and extreme heat of the sun. However, what’s not visible below is the decking which has a huge impact on the performance and stability of the system.

Preserve the integrity of your home when you select the right decking. It should not just be all about its aesthetic appearance, price, or physical property but consider one that’s going to make the roof more durable as well.

What is Plank Roof Decking?

Considered one of the foundations of roofing assembly, the planks are typically installed on top of the joists, rafters, and trusses. One of the more common materials being used today is the oriented strand board, and it’s made of compressed strips or wood chips that are pressed together to form several sheets with varying lengths and sizes.

Replacement should be considered when you think that the underlying decking can’t support the asphalt or slate shingles, and you might want to consult an expert if this is the case. Generally, professional roofers will check the roof decks and repair some areas that are rotting. When they still see that the entire system is still sound and working, they won’t generally recommend tearing off the entire roof to install a new one.

Flat designs can be perfect for a modern feel, especially if they want to hold parties and gatherings in their homes. With the best ones, you will generally get features like anti-slip designs that will keep you from falling even if it’s raining outside. Shock absorption is often a good addition so everyone can comfortably work from one side to another, and this is possible with the right planks.

Mildew resistance, insulation, and stable colors are other factors for consideration, so they won’t fade even if they are exposed to the UV rays of the sun the whole day. 

Any activities can have a place where everyone can celebrate, smell the fresh breeze, and enjoy the night without needing to be confined in rooms. It’s a great addition to your home where you can hang out with friends and loved ones while enjoying the spectacular views.

Entertaining On The Roof

Ready to put all of that fifth façade for your next big day? These are the envy of the entire neighborhood when the weather is nice, and you’ll find them to be very trendy in suburbs and newly-built homes.

However, it can be tricky to add a deck, and attempt to slide one over the window and attach it to your flat roof. However, without the proper foundation, it can collapse since many roofs were not designed for many people to walk and stay on them for long periods of time.

Decks should be compliant with the local safety codes, the resulting look should be attractive, and the walls should be structurally-sound. It might not work with ancestral houses where you’re unsure if the posts can still support the deck that you have in mind. See info about roof decks on this page.

Each project is different, and it’s not going to look like the ones that your neighbors have. It can be logistically challenging to gather all the materials, and you would have to re-arrange the heating, ventilation, cooling, skylights, and chimney systems. A successful job will mean that you should be able to access it from one of the rooms, and it should have capital views. 

Spend a lot of time viewing the city’s skyline without needing to go out. Other additions that you should consider are the following:

1. Add a Rooftop Bar

What’s entertainment without the drinks, cocktails, margaritas, and appetizers while watching the glittering city lights? Add sturdy egress routes, handrails, guards, as well as non-slip flooring on the bar to make it safe for everyone.

2. Couches and Chairs

Furniture pieces that you’re going to put on the roof should be able to withstand the extreme weather. Selecting the right one and the accessories can help guests feel more relaxed and enjoy the vibe. Add throw pillows that match the décor and be comfortable. Read your favorite book on the upper floors while drinking lemonade and watching the commuters go about their day.

3. Pool

Although you need to add structure and a water tank, installing a swimming pool on top of the deck is now possible. Everyone can enjoy the shimmering blue water and get cool during a hot summer evening. Rent out the place for others who are also interested in having a blast with their parties and there should be a place where they can shower before swim and a room where they can keep their belongings for safety. Include the cabanas into this ultimate amenity and select the right plank materials that are resistant to water.

4. Gardens

Vegetation can increase sustainability, and you can plant almost anything on your roof. Guests can smell the roses and appreciate the greenery while they are on top, and the plants can help reduce water runoff when the weather is not too good. 

Add drought-tolerant plants like evergreen trees, sage, and other shrubs. Lettuces, tomatoes, strawberries, and coneflowers can also be grown on the roof even if there’s limited space, so don’t be afraid to explore your options. See more ideas for elevating your urban home on this site:

5. Movie Night

Transform your space into an oasis of endless entertainment through movies under the stars, and add tasty bites as well. Add projectors and a folding screen so everyone can watch the classics or the latest movies. Pizzas are never going out of style, and a Hibiscus Margarita with rosemary can also be a great addition.

Professional roofers can make these things come true, and they will help you get the right materials needed so you’ll be able to enjoy your place better. Schedule a consultation with them, and they are going to get the renovations going so you’ll be ready to entertain everyone.