Keeping Your Home Affordably Warm

If you live in a cold climate, you know that having a reliable furnace is not a luxury. Keeping your living space heated is necessary. If your heater stops working, you’ll want to already know how to choose a replacement, so that you can have one installed as soon as possible to stay warm. Read on for tips on shopping for a new furnace, and also for ways to save money when heating your home this winter.

Find a Reliable HVAC Company


When choosing a new furnace, finding an HVAC company you can trust is a great first step. Ask friends and family for recommendations if you don’t already have an HVAC company you work with. A professional can help you determine what size and type of furnace you need, ensuring that you get exactly what you need from the very beginning. Your new furnace should only be professionally installed for safety reasons. Keeping your family safe is the number one priority. 

Pay Attention to Cost

When you are choosing your furnace, be sure that you get a quote that includes both the physical furnace and the cost to install it. Some furnaces are more tricky to install, which can increase the final cost significantly. Also, be sure to ask your HVAC company about any rebate programs they might know of. Sometimes manufacturers have rebate options. This might help you choose which brand of furnace to go with. There may also be incentives available from government agencies or your power company if you are upgrading the efficiency of your old furnace to current standards.

Dress Warmly

Once you’ve decided on your furnace and gotten it installed, you’ll want to start saving money on heat while still being comfortable in your home. The first tip is the most obvious — wear warm clothes, even inside. It doesn’t make sense to bundle up in a winter coat while you’re watching TV, but be sure to wear extra layers and long sleeves. Invest in a cozy blanket or two to bundle up in while you’re sitting still. If your home isn’t carpeted, a thick pair of fleece-lined slippers can warm your feet. These can all allow you to lower the temperature that you heat your home to, without leaving you feeling chilled.

Perform Proper Maintenance

If you forget to regularly change the air filter in your furnace, the total amount of air that the furnace can circulate will be reduced. Less air traveling through your ducts means that your home will not heat as quickly, which will require your furnace to work harder to maintain the temperature you’ve set. This can possibly even reducing the life expectancy of your furnace if it’s overworked for long periods of time. Pay attention to your filter to save money in the short term and protect your furnace for the long term. Changing the filter is usually straightforward and inexpensive.

Seal Your Home

If you’ve got leaks around your windows, doors, electrical outlets, and switches, then you’re paying too much to heat your home. Feel near these areas for cold air coming in, then use weather stripping and caulk to seal any leaks you find. You can purchase foam insulators designed to fit inside of electrical outlets, light switches, and junction boxes to also reduce air leaks. You might find that you’ve easily saved quite a bit of money.

Purchasing the best furnace for your home can be made a much simpler process with the help of a great HVAC professional. And following a few simple tips can keep that furnace running efficiently and save you some money each winter.

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