Environmentally Conscious Way To Renovate Your Home

Everyone wants to renovate their house to enhance the look and feel of their property. From interior to exterior, you would like to revamp the appearance of each corner of your house. But while renovating your house, it is essential to consider environment-friendly methods not to harm the environment in any way. Keeping eco-friendly practices in mind while renovating your home is crucial to maintain environmental suitability. It will not help you improve energy efficiency but also achieve the appealing look of the house. 

It is essential to take suggestions from your peers or relatives who have renovated their homes before in a similar manner. It will help you minimize the environmental impact and to attain your desired home look. Let’s find out some environmentally conscious ways to renovate your home efficiently. 

Low-flow Appliances in the Bathroom 

Toilet appliances consume more water than any other appliances in your house. While renovating your home, it is essential to upgrade your bathroom by replacing it with low-flow appliances. 

Suppose you already have a low-flow model bathroom. In that case, you should consider minimizing water consumption more by installing a low-flow showerhead and dual flush. By having a low-flow showerhead, less water will spiral down your plughole daily. Dual flush will also positively impact your water consumption by managing liquid and solid waste separately. 

Install Solar Panels 

The sun is the finest renewable energy source, so you need to leverage it efficiently by investing money in the right place. By installing solar panels in your home, you can collect the sun’s energy and run your home’s electricity efficiently for the entire night. It is not only one of the environment-friendly ways but also to save energy and cost. It will significantly impact your home electricity bills and help you to reduce them big time. 

You can also create your solar power system by making some investments. Spending some money will help you save a lot in the future. But if you are not confident in building your system, you should go for the pre-build option to avoid any hassle. 

Green Roofing

By installing green roofing, you can improve the biodiversity of your garden and insulate your home. It builds a mini microclimate that protects your roofing membrane from harmful elements to maintain energy and costs. Soil works as an effective dry insulant that plays a crucial role in keeping your homes’ energy. 

Use Eco-Friendly Paint 

The demand for eco-friendly paint has grown immensely in recent past years to maintain an energy-efficient environment. The need for such colors has increased because they do not possess harmful chemical ingredients. 

These eco-friendly paints carry chemicals that evaporate into the atmosphere while the paint is drying. Such paints produce your desired results. It offers excellent coverage, durability, and color without any harmful solvents like conventional paints. Do complete market research to look for natural paint suppliers. It will help you get eco-friendly paint to renovate your space. 

Consider Recycled Surfaces 

If you are revamping your kitchen, then you should install recycled surfaces. You have to look for manufacturers that provide splashbacks and bespoke surfaces to transform waste products into functional worktops, including concrete and glass. By consulting eco-friendly manufacturers, you will get the best-recycled surfaces products. 

Carbon-neutral porcelain tiles are manufactured from recycled car windscreens and television screens. Also, there are different recycled cement and aluminum tiles that you can consider for floors and walls. It is one of the environment-friendly methods that will help you renovate your home efficiently. 

Fix LEDs

Artificial lights cost over 17% of the domestic energy bill. Still, you can reduce this figure by replacing your current lights with LEDs. Those days are long gone when consumers prefer incandescent bulbs. Such bulbs convert only 10% of electrical energy into light, wasting the remaining energy into heat. 

LEDs require a low amount of power that makes them a sustainable source of artificial light. It produces the best results while working with recessed lighting. According to research, high-quality LEDs last for years. It helps save a great amount of electricity because it lets off less heat than traditional light bulbs. 


If you have proper wood-based fireplaces in your home, then it could be one of the efficient ways to heat your home sustainably. According to a study, open fireplaces are around 25%, while modern-day wood-burning stoves have over 80% efficiency. If you have a budget and space, then you should go for the option of wood-based fireplaces. 

A wood-fuelled stove with a back boiler can heat the entire room and also provide the option of domestic hot water. Having such fireplaces could be one of your finest investments to revamp your home in an environmentally conscious way. 

Reclaimed Furniture

Once you have implemented energy-efficient methods to upgrade your home, you should fill your space with reclaimed furniture. If you do not want to consider the option of vintage aesthetic, then you should go for upcycling. 

Considering reclaimed furniture to renovate your home is one of the best environment-friendly methods. Such type of furniture is made from old wood that does not need to cut down healthy trees. It does not impose any threat to environmental sustainability, so you must consider this option. 


According to a research study, loss of home heating mainly occurs in every home through the windows. The warm air mostly sneaks out through the gaps in windows rather than its glasses. 

Solid drought-proofing is one of the best ways to prevent heat loss of up to 80%. It is essential to draught-proof your entire home with quality eco flaps to keep the warm air inside the home and send draughts out. It could be one of the best ways to renovate your house in an environmentally friendly manner. 


In today’s fast-paced world, it is becoming challenging to deal with increasing environmental issues. While renovating your home, you should remember that your every step can impact the environment. So, you have to consider environment-friendly methods to upgrade your space. It will enable you to contribute to environmental sustainability positively and save your house energy and cost. You have to remember the key points mentioned in this post, and you will have to renovate your space in an eco-friendly way. 

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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