Is It Time To Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures? Here Are 7 Ways To Tell

Most homeowners probably take plumbing fixtures for granted. They don’t realize the convenience and function they offer until such fixtures break down. Fortunately, plumbing fixtures are easy to replace.

No matter how you provide proper care and maintenance for plumbing fixtures, they’ll start to fail eventually. Although it’s possible to fix them if the damage is minor, you may need to say goodbye to your plumbing fixtures sooner or later.

If you’re torn on when to replace your plumbing fixtures, below are the ways to tell:

Frequent Leaks

One of the ways to tell that you need to replace your plumbing fixtures is when there’s frequent leakage. Even if you can fix a minor leak with do-it-yourself (DIY) products, they won’t hold up to heavy use. Such leaks are common in any type of plumbing fixtures but often happen underneath toilets and sinks.

Leaks might not also seem like a big deal. However, it can increase your water bills. Water may also pool underneath the leaks, which can result in mildew and mold growth. If you store various things under your kitchen sink, a leak in your pipes may damage those items as well.

So, before it gets worse, visit to get help from professionals. If you’re confused about the best plumbing fixtures to resolve your leak issues, don’t forget to ask for recommendations from the experts.

Lack Of Efficiency

When your plumbing fixtures become inefficient, it’s usually due to their age. When it comes to plumbing, efficiency often refers to the water usage of an appliance. You’d be amazed at how much water your daily appliances wasted before a policy was passed to mandate low-flow fixtures.

Generally, low-flow fixtures may include toilets, faucets, and showerheads that run using half of the water you used before. If you’re considering doing a home renovation, such plumbing fixtures are highly recommended. This is especially true if your kitchen or bathroom hasn’t been updated for a while and your monthly water bills continue to increase. To prevent this, replace your old plumbing fixtures during the renovation with water-efficient ones.

Water Pressure Issues

If your shower or faucet has low water pressure compared before, it indicates the need for replacement. Mineral deposits and hard water are typically the culprits behind low water pressure aside from the rust inside your connected pipes that usually prevent water from passing through.

When it comes to water pressure issues, make sure to examine every fixture closely. With faucets, check the spout at their mesh aerator screen. If it’s clogged, it can be the entire issue. Showerheads may require proper cleaning. If the problems go beyond such simple fixes, you’ll have to replace the plumbing fixtures.

Water Damage

Plumbing fixtures can be an easy fix without ramifications or something major, depending on some circumstances. Faulty fixtures that leak for a long time may cause major water damage to your property. Depending on the water spilled, it can compromise your home’s structure, cause a mold outbreak, and deteriorate your things. To avoid this, look for a professional plumbing expert and replace your fixtures immediately.

Obvious Physical Signs

If some of your plumbing fixtures are failing, you’ll notice them before it’s too late. For example, if it’s a leaking sink, you’ll see water stains on the floor or walls. There will also be major warping in those areas after prolonged saturation.

Man services and repairs leaky old faucet on the tap in the bathroom

A problem with your fixtures may indicate a plumbing issue somewhere in your house. Therefore, get your plumbing system inspected right away and never do it yourself. If possible, hire a plumbing service provider in your area to know whether or not you need to replace your plumbing fixtures.

Faulty Flushing Mechanism

Your toilet’s flushing mechanism has various moving parts, and when such parts break or wear down, they become challenging to fix. You’ll have to replace your tank’s internals. It’s because a faulty flushing mechanism can cause your toilet to run continuously and may consume more water. It may also cause your toilet to stop flushing. To know your options, check with your hired plumbing professionals.

Your Home Is Old

If your house is outdated, you may need new plumbing fixtures. This is especially true if most plumbing fixtures were installed decades ago.

Old plumbing fixtures don’t only lack efficiency, but they can be inconvenient in the long run, causing more major plumbing problems. So, if you’re planning to improve your old home’s aesthetic appeal, it’s time to replace your old plumbing fixtures and opt for the newest ones available in the market.


If you’re experiencing the above plumbing issues, it’s time to replace your plumbing fixtures. While you can replace some plumbing fixtures on your own, hiring a professional to do the job for you can make a difference. Professional plumbers don’t only provide the highest possible quality service, but they can help you choose the right fixtures to replace your old ones.

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