Planning an easy-to-clean house – secrets from the pros

There’s a great difference between a house created around a design and one built, keeping in mind functionality and a particular purpose. Every detail in a house built around a design has a sense, but it’s challenging to make it fit a busy life sometimes because it requires a lot of work to keep everything in place. In a functional house, you ensure the interior suits your lifestyle and makes it easy and comfortable to clean and maintain. 

When you design a house, think about it as your retirement nest. If you have a busy working schedule, you want your house to be a nice place that puts no extra stress on your mental health. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of creating fabulous homes with contemporary designs, people forget that they should also concern themselves with making them easy to live in. And there’s nothing worse than a house that requires strenuous work to clean and maintain. 

Cleanliness must be one of the main criteria when designing a house. Why would someone want to live in a dwelling that takes hours to clean and requires moving things from one place to another to dust-free every surface? 

Your home should be built to live in harmony with. And this article provides some secrets from the pros to create a convenient space for you. 

Start from the ground

Before you think about any other element, explore the flooring options available. You’ll walk upon the floors daily, and they’ll take most of the dirt, abuse, scratches, wear and tear. Therefore, you must think your decision through and determine what kind of floors better fit your lifestyle. Will carpeting, tiles, or concrete serve you better? Your needs directly impact your choice. However, interior designers recommend using stained concrete with a protective sealant because it’s easy to clean, has few seams, and is stain-resistant. Ceramic tiles and laminates are other great options because they simplify mopping and sweeping. 

The rule of thumb is not to use carpeted floors in a house with children or pets because they’re quite challenging to clean. If you prefer them for their increased warmth, integrate them in more intimate spaces like the bedrooms. Wood flooring also requires deeper cleaning, so think about the decision thoroughly. 

Paint can do more than create a mood for a room

Homeowners usually decide what kind of vibe they want for their house, paint the walls according to a colour scheme, and then leave them to their own devices. But after a couple of months, they take a look at the walls in their kitchen or living room and wonder how to get the stains away. You don’t want to find yourself in this situation when you must repaint an entire wall or room because your pets or children left stain marks all over. When you design your house, factor in the walls and ensure they make cleaning and upkeeping easy. This is a crucial thing to keep in mind because the walls are the bones of a house that get great wear and tear over the years, and you should find it easy to maintain them. 

Having children or fur babies around the house makes it even more challenging to keep it tidy. So you must carefully pick the type of paint you use for the rooms with the most traffic. Please stay away from matte paint and go for high gloss alternatives because they are stain-resistant. 

The upholstery fabric does half of your work

You want to pick furniture made of an easy clean fabric to ensure you’ll have no headaches when the children spill drinks on the living sofa or the dogs drool on the chairs. Your go-to upholstery should be easy to clean, stain resistant, and durable. If you’re like most people, you don’t consider these factors when you browse for furniture, but if you want to live in a stress-free house, you won’t allow yourself to succumb to beautiful pieces, but you’ll evaluate their functionality before purchasing them. Yes, your furniture elements should match your décor, but don’t let the interior design be the decisive factor in the process. 

Most homeowners buy soft furnishings like sofas, bedroom furniture, and carpets for their looks instead of considering their function. Good quality fabrics can last for years, and choosing ones that behave well, in the long run, is crucial.   

Washable curtains make it easier to refresh the house

You need to cover the windows to protect your house from the summer heat and intruders’ eyes. But installing blinds, it’s not the best decision because they’re difficult to clean when you want to dust-free the house. In addition, they usually store more dust than other types of window covers, which can be harmful to your family if they suffer from respiratory problems or allergies. And even if you don’t experience these issues, dust in large quantities can still irritate you and cause you to sneeze, which is highly unpleasant. 

Therefore, when shopping for window covers, look for washable curtains because they provide the same level of protection from sunlight and intruders’ eyes, and you can easily clean them in the washing machine as often as you want. 

Install built-in storage

Built-in storage is the go-to feature of an easy-to-clean house because it allows you to take all knick-knacks and clutter away and keep your house tidy. When you opt for built-in storage, you have no problems keeping all your belongings in the right place and away from taking up floor space. 

Opting for smart storage makes it easier to stay organised and know exactly where to find particular items. To limit your effort, ensure to plan storage near where you use certain items. Before ordering storage solutions, measure the height and depth of your belongings to ensure they fit in the drawers and cupboards. 

What’s more to say?

An easy-to-clean house isn’t built overnight; you must plan each room, peek into the future, and decide what will best suit your lifestyle.