How Your Windows Can Be Boosted for Toughness and Durability

The toughness and durability of your windows is a crucial factor in how long they last. Window design, manufacturers, and recommendations may all provide a helpful indication of the guarantee of window durability and toughness. There are also warranties that you will be delivered by your window manufacturer, which may indicate their expected lifespan. Either way, there are many areas where your windows will need special attention to improve their durability and toughness.

Frames & Sashes

Design and workmanship are essential factors in determining the durability and toughness of windows. However, the materials used for window frames and sashes play an essential role. Among the common materials used, aluminium, vinyl and fibreglass would be among the most durable. 

Aluminium is likely the most popular option for door and window frames as it’s far less likely to suffer weather damage and can easily last for 20-30 years. Of all the materials, aluminium has the least chance of rotting, warping, and suffering dents. It’s hard to beat it. Therefore, always invest in aluminium for your windows if your budget allows it. 

Wood and composite are strong materials that are easy to repair if needed, but they’re more susceptible to weathering and decay. You’d often find these materials on older builds. Even so, many wood windows are boosted by a durable exterior finish or cladding. 

The Role of Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC)

When choosing windows, it’s important to opt for premium quality, but it’s not always affordable. If you can’t afford more expensive options for windows, vinyl is a brilliant choice. 

UPVC, also known as rigid PVC, is an extremely tough material that can withstand a wide range of weathering. It’s very long-lasting and requires very little maintenance. Therefore, it’s a brilliant material for your windows. Significantly, PVC can be enhanced to give it the strength and durability you need for long-lasting home windows. 

There are many expert Essex glaziers who are authorised suppliers and fitters of state-of-the-art REHAU’s TOTAL70 and Rio systems. These systems are exceptionally well designed with the utmost attention to detail and can be used for new builds and refurbishments. Not only do these systems enhance the look and durability of windows, but their A+ energy rating means they have increased thermal properties too. 

Additional ways to boost durability and toughness of windows:

There are few other areas you need to consider when boosting the durability and toughness of your windows: 


Weatherstripping is the process of sealing your windows and minimise drafts. Often, manufacturers of cheaper windows tend to save costs on this, which may lead to problems down the line, such as air infiltration. Therefore, it’s up to you to invest in good quality weatherstripping if necessary. Another benefit is that they are easy to install yourself. 

Structural Integrity for Location:

Depending on your location, your windows may be more susceptible to damage by harsh weather. Therefore, it’s essential to carry out tests to ensure your windows meet the proper standards for your area. For example, you may require glazing of specific strength and type in more mountainous regions to resist breakage during storms. Laminated glass can be used in this instance.